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You’re going to be mad at me, Mumbai, India. Well I think it’s safe to say you’re going to be mad at me again in the comments today haha. I’m switching hotels in Mumbai, India, but again something happens that’s probably going to cause to be me mad at me. I do try to make it up to you so even though you’re going to be mad at me I hope it’s not too bad. Love you too!!!
Hope you enjoy this you’re going to be mad at me, Mumbai, India travel vlog but DON’T click the following link: http://bit.ly/1KKCs8V (you just might be stuck with me by subscribing)

If you’re on a roll here’s the playlist with all the India vlogs: http://bit.ly/2kjVJpd
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When I’m not traveling you can hang out with me in my home town Amsterdam. So if you always wanted to travel in Amsterdam this is the place to be to get an insight in the local life without actually having to travel. Enjoy!


Q Where are you from?
A I am born in former Yugoslavia. Mom is Serbian, Dad is Bosnian. During the ’90’s war we came to the Netherlands and I got Dutch nationality. Have been living in Amsterdam for over 5 years.

Q How can you afford to travel so much?
A I saved for 3 years while working full time and now travel vlogging is my job. I work together with tourism agencies but also do some freelance work on the side.

Q What camera do you film with?
A Canon G7X

Q Why doesn’t Stephan want to be on camera?
A Because he is an artist manager and feels artists should be in the spotlight. Way before he met me he already never featured in party pics or anything.

Q Why do you usually travel alone?
A Because my friends have jobs with limited holidays, kids and partners. Also I really like exploring on my own.

Q Why do you love India so much?
A Watch this video: http://bit.ly/2iyUKkc


jwala ajith says:

Omgggg How do u knw about D3 D4 dancee!!!! 😍😱😱😱 Proud to be a malayalii Girl

jwala ajith says:

Durga pooja #navratri

jwala ajith says:

Ivanaa auntyyy. I luv u 😘😊

Ratan Sharma says:

Ivanaaaaaa u nooooooob…. U got a half bowl of rice from zamato… Delhi is not in Mumbai and Bombay is not Mumbai… Get well soon.

Kanishk S says:

Always avoid road side Chinese food to avoid getting sick.

Rotten peaches says:

i've been sick like this twice in India and i really think it's a mix of air conditionning/heat and air pollution. Because it only last 2-3 days and not 6-7 days like a common cold. Also, i know it's probably a safety question but you should post the infos of the hotels/guest houses you recommend. 🙂

Neel & Jai vlogs art craft cooking and vlogs says:

Kurti suits you Ivana…..buy some more like anarkali ,I wanna see you in indian outfits dear…love you sista….

Mandeep Kahlon says:

Hey beautiful make a video Get ready with me type want to see u doing ur makeup.Ur eyelashes r always on point 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

worst biggest show latest says:

Happy Mahalaya from bengal , india ,Ivana

anshul goyal says:

Ivana plz visit udaipur this tym

tubecrazy77 says:

Ivana, please visit a doctor.. its not a good sign when you get sick that frequently.. Btw, that Paneer rice looked yummmmmm..

funk mania says:

and ivana get healthy again i can't see you see sis.

Madhuri Mistry says:

That was Mumbai.. 😂 I went and replayed it twice..

funk mania says:

ivana travel i want to see you make travel videos

ODILE Saldanha says:

Getting the flu had nothing to do with the heat.it's from touching contaminated surfaces & then,touching your eye,nose or mouth,plus stress,or someone with the flu coughing in your face,drinking cold water weakens the immune system.Always wash your hands,avoid touching your face with dirty hands.Best prophylactic,now,is to do warm saline gargles,plus rest,plus hydrating with fluids if you have a fever .Get well soon.

khagesh roy says:

Ivana you did a huge mistake while planning your tour to INDIA. At this time of the year, you should be visiting BENGAL. We are going have our biggest festival AKA DURGA PUJA. Anyway love from Bengal…

Sammy sam says:

Pink Panther….: D 😀

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