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Your Travel Guide to Marrakesh – Prices, Food and Why You SHOULD Visit!

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Marrakesh is a must visit destination so I decided to make a travel guide the Food, Costs, Safety and realities of this city in Morocco.
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Keston Moore says:

Hey just uploaded a new video that is inspired by you so if you could check it out it would mean the world to me!

Delfi su says:

16:3216:33 omg.. the best slow mo n edits!

WayneSnr says:

Not long come back from there. Spent a week in the all inclusive, Aqua Mirage. I live in uk but have just arrived home to Galway, Ireland for 10 days.

Lau Gagné says:

I'm french canadian and it's the first time i hear you speaking french and my godddd you are so good!!! 🙂 this video was awesome im planning a trip to morroco in a few months thank you for that!

Al Han says:

watching 😊

alannah hall says:

Do you use a gimbal to film your vlogs?

Steven Lascombe says:

Oh and you have surprisingly a good french accent.

Steven Lascombe says:

are you filming in 40p ? feels to fast to to 24 or 30, and to slow to be 60p.

Scarlet Camacho says:

this is actually a great useful video! thanks!
wishing the Amazonia one was this detailed, planning a trip for September

Indian Marathi Traveler says:

there is so much to learn from your videos Christian.. I m big fan of your videos just loved to watch
… Love and blessing from India for your future journeys

Mady Facio says:


Genesis Polanco says:

The belly dance 😂😂

Andrevp says:

Morocco is very beautiful
💁🏻‍♀️ig: _andrecvp

Whiskey And Wanderlust says:

Marrakesch, without the luxury indulgences shown here, is only worth two days max. Overall it's not very safe at night. Prepare to get bombarded by people asking for money every 10 feet. I liked other areas of Morocco more, but Marrakesch is very low on the list.

daoudi abderahim says:

I have a question for you. could you tell me please what are realy disadvantages which you have discovered there ?
thank you for vlog. you are always welcome

Malik Jasson says:

Missing the old Christian. Liked that your vlogs were real. But you're way too commercial now. #thanksbutnothanks

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