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Your Secret Weapon for Finding Travel Deals (Especially Cruises)

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I don’t know about you, but, I love to travel! There’s only one problem… I can’t always afford to visit all of the wonderful places on my bucket list!

So, like you, I am always on the search for travel deals.

Today, I would like to share a few ideas for getting the trip that you want for less. This is especially powerful when it comes to looking for cruises, but, it is applicable to all kinds of travel.

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How do you find travel deals? Where was the last place you took a trip to? Did you have a good time? Let’s have a chat!

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Here’s a link to the article that I mentioned today: http://sixtyandme.com/the-secret-weapon-seniors-have-to-find-cruise-deals-is/


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Palm Springs Cindy says:

I look forward to seeing what necklace you are wearing 🙋🏻🙋🏻

karen jones says:

hi – great information, margaret! thanks so much!

Virginia lohrey says:

Im still working part time….

Virginia lohrey says:

I just joined a group cruise for April 2019…I'd love to cruise oversea however the airfare is so expensive….Thank you for the info….Yes the single supplement hurts also….sad….

Anna Heh says:

Thanks again. You give great information. Would love to travel to Switzerland. It is on my bucket list. Last time there when I had recently graduated nursing school with a high school group. Always said I would come back. Looking at train troops in Switzerland.
Can't wait for next adventure.
Keep doing what you are doing. Highlight of my day.

cheryl salter says:

I am so enjoying these videos and love looking forward to them!! I wish you did them daily!!

Henrietta Lazo says:

very informative thank you! Much food for thought.

Jane Jones says:

Thanks Margaret! I'd love to go on a Cruise , haven't yet, it'd be nice to go on a Greek Island Cruise. Any good prices and do you have TICO insurance? 💞🕊👼🏼

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