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WOW! Very Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For 2017! (Holiday Gift Guide)

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I went shopping at the mall to find 10 Christmas Gifts for $10. This is a VERY cheap holiday gift guide for those who are on a tight budget. This Christmas video includes stuff from stores such as Lush, Pink, and Indigo. I do live in Canada so these are Canadian prices, but if you live in the United States then these will be even cheaper! I wanted to do this video to show you that you can get gifts for your friends and family that are inexpensive but still what they’d actually want to receive. Let me know what other Christmas videos you want me to do!

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Another Great video. Would love to win the giveaway

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I just joined. I love this video. To contact me go to instagram and look up @oreo_isabella

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Are you from Toronto

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Have subscribed

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Everyone's commenting bout the giveaway but her lipstick is gorgeous like girl u rock a red lip

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My teacher is Afraid of squirrels

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Tammy LT says:

Love that you're local to me, so your ideas are actually for things that are accessible. (LOVE the ornament idea. My mom got me one every year, and I now do the same for my kids. Ideas that can be traditions are fantastic)

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You crack me up, with your comments… lol

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I’ve my notifications on! Fingers crossed 🤞❤️

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I'm binging all of your gift idea videos because I need all the help I can get lol

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