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World’s Cheapest Hotel – Would You Stop Here?

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Is this the world’s cheapest hotel? Workers and tourists in Bangladesh can stay in this floating hotel for as little as 30p a night.

But as a night’s stay at the hotel costs less than a bar of chocolate, the facilities aren’t up to much.

Guests at the Faridpur Hotel in Dhaka do have access to free water and toilets during their stay – but they have to sleep alongside hundreds of other guests with only a small locker to keep their possessions in.

Astonishingly, the boats hotels are so popular they have been bringing in a roaring trade for more than 60 years.

On the bank of Buriganga in the capital city of the tiny country,the hotel is made up of five separate floating boats.

But unlike the eloquent, comfy hotels western travellers are used to, with exquisite furnishing and striking views, these hotels are anything but fancy.

There are no TV sets, no living-dining area, no comfy, queen size mattresses and no flowers to decorate the room. Yet at any given point in a day, one can find scores of guests packed inside the floating hotels.

Sourced By: Taniya Dutter
Edited By: Keiran Fuller

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Sweetcandy Jamaa says:

There are amazing hotels in new deli for $7

Android Elements says:

motherfucker americans & Europeans these cheap hotles made for those poor people's who cant afford standard hotel rooms
im indian n i will always support those people who earn thier money by honesty nt like americans who killed kids & girls just for oil

Joey B says:

No Way, I'm Staying In The Night There. The Hotel Looks So Ugly And Disgusting.

dayyan danish says:

I wouldnt stay there even if it was free

Ali Zizou says:

sorry..i cant sleep in this kind of shit..

XShadowshot says:

No I'm not trying to catch hiv

yash k says:

It is of Bangladesh not India correct your information national currency of India is rupee not taka

Not That Guy says:

As an American who people want to check my privilege, there are other hotels in the area with actual rooms and services for under $30 per night. I can see where this might work for some, but I would not find it a little compelling.

SOX says:

why the shitties, dirtiest and non-hygienic things are always from india???? 🙂

SCG Niagara says:

What do you want for a night's stay which costs less than a bar of chocolate…

Sarcastic Cynical says:

Hell fucking no.

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