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Working Through Travel Anxiety // My Experience + Tips

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“Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.” – Unknown
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This video is a reflection of my personal experience with travel anxiety. Having a curious mind and adventurous heart are two things that I think everyone should be able to experience freely, whether traveling or not. There is no one “right” way to deal with anxiety, or life in general. The important thing is to try, one small step at a time. Getting through something is much more powerful than getting over it, and guess what? I believe in YOU! You are awesome. You are wonderful. You are loved. Everything is going to be okay.


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Horselover says:

I hope that you always have a safe flight☺️?✈️xx

Eunice Lam says:

This was so helpful <3

FemBot says:

I always find it so funny how these people who are like 19 have anxiety. You are only responsible for yourself! Try having a husband and multiple kids to get ready. Then taking family through security and your kids being loud and freaking out. That is some serious problems. Ridiculous.

Evilthekittycat says:

I'm so lucky I love flying and never freak out of turbulences.

Julie Spence says:

I'm going on vacation and I'm so scared of going on the plane again, thank you for posting this it really helped :)

Nikki Chavez says:

She should do a video for people who take road trips. How to overcome anxiety when traveling on the road.

Freya T says:

I can't think about being in a submarine coz I'll have a panic attack. I don't like being under water either lol

dabzvapelord says:

lol i am a 26 year old dude with tattoos and a beard watching how to overcome anxiety while traveling

Lauren Without Fear says:

This is really good advice for anxious travelers! Thanks for sharing, Ingrid :)

Veronica says:

Can I just say how much I commend you for filming those clips while going through security like cmon that was amazing and they way you edited the security belt clip, thumbs up!

Irisita says:

Ingrid this was so helpful. Everything you mentioned, I experience too. Love the tips. ♡

Rochy V says:

Your advice 'imagine youre in a submarine' is such a huge help! Now I know what to think of when flying as I always get scared during turbulence… This seems like such a good way to distract and calm myself! Plus youre soooo pretty! Love your videos!

Avamariemakeup hahs says:

thank you so much?

Jen dobing says:

Thx for this! I never had anxiety when travelling before I had my son. Now it's worse than ever. This video was super helpful as my anxiety had me convinced my plane will crash on my trip next week to New York (you know…because I'm the chosen one who of course it will happen to;)


This was really really really helpful thank you sooooooo much

froot loops says:

Thank you so much for helping my Ingrid!

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