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Why Tuesday is the best day to buy airplane tickets

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Rick Seaney, CEO and co-founder of Farecompare, explains why Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET is the best time to buy flight tickets.


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Kyaw03 says:

LOl niceee! Quick and fast explanation.


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Gio Guardo says:

Well goodluck cuz in my country Tuesday is the most traffic

ZuRriX says:

Didn't understand shit, but I'll take your word for it.

Elly Wills says:

Why would we wait till Tuesday to book a cheap flight ticket? I really don't believe this. I book my flight ticket whenever I need to fly.I know a trick that how to get cheap flight ticket. You just need to follow two simple steps:

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Sushant Bhat says:

My simple logic says, People usually resume offices on Monday so there can be chance that people might fly directly to office after weekend, so Mondays are not Cheap.
Sat and Sunday are weekends, so airlines will keep tickets high priced coz there is high chance of ticket booking during those 2 days.
Now Friday is exactly opposite to Monday, people flying to some destination, planning weekends and all.
So we are left with Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. Things are almost settled on these three days, people hardly move their asses to move out or move in. So, hence ticket prices fall on these three days.

I am also a data scientist but with 3 years of experience. 😉

Alex Klas says:

Does this apply to airlines/routes outside North America too? i.e. would 3pm Tuesday in central Europe be the best time to book flights on airlines based in central Europe as well?

Agermanshepherdsheba says:

Funny how 911 happened on Tuesday and you guys are saying that's the best day to fly lmao

techfour9 says:

So do you buy your ticket for Tuesday, or on Tuesday?

ChanceTokubo says:

And now Tuesday will be the busiest airline ticket selling day because of this video

ChanceTokubo says:

And now Tuesday will be the busiest airline ticket selling day because of this video

TRANS 101 says:

I just wait till next Tuesday

SnowmansApartment says:

only for the US or everywhere??🤔

Hounrabul Integrity says:

Is that true worldwide?

Keyse iKapa says:

So this means Sunday is the day to buy an airplane ticket in Dubai and the Muslim world because Thursday's and Friday's are the weekends

Nathanael Horn says:

Is this only for US tickets? I'm living in China and would like to travel in Asia

Animefreak242 says:

Too bad this isn't true.

IM Films says:

Thanks for sharing the tip. Safe travels everyone.

chris murphy says:

because this info is outs its probably going to change in a year or so…

Roy 701 says:

Awesome brother

sebbivism says:

Well, this might be legit actually, as some airlines in Europe for example Ryanair, Norwegian, has Tuesday ticket offers, SAS has Thursday ticket offer…

Mr. Inzeo says:

how about hotels?

adtc says:

Is it just for US airlines or does it work for Asia too?

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