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WHERE to TRAVEL in 2019: 15 PLACES TO GO!!

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TOP TRAVEL VLOGGERS give you their picks on where you should travel to in 2019! Inspiration for all kinds of travels & trip planning!

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Hey Nadine says:

Got any places YOU’D recommend for 2019? Let me know! Big thank you to all the amazing travel channels who submitted their picks!! Go check them out! ❀️❀️

itsCarlDouglas says:

Great video, will keep some of those in mind πŸ™‚

GetGo Tours says:

Travel Sri Lanka in 2019 | Sri Lanka is ranked #1 top destination by lonely planet. Checkout our video for more info.

awesome models says:

From this list i have been to turkey !

Aurreleea says:

i travelled to bahamas😭😭❀️Travel vlogg on my channel

Armand Travel says:

Thank you for sharing… i hope this year to see all this place.. my video camera is ready.. <3

Bubbs Nova says:

Thank you. And you are so cute. Take care kid.

Dan Bac says:

CROATIA is my pick

Harmony Ling says:

Maybe one day I'll be on one of these, "Where to travel in " videos!


What country is the thumbnail 😍

Justin James says:

KERALA – GODS OWN COUNTRY( india) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R83BlU5nnbs ( alapuzha backwaters,munnar,kovalam,fort kochi,wayanad etcc)

ALICIA Y SUS VIAJES X EUROPA La. Aleta. Blanca says:

And my Chanel : LA ALETA BLANCA

ALICIA Y SUS VIAJES X EUROPA La. Aleta. Blanca says:


Marios says:

Has to be GREECEβ€πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·

Lauren Zimman says:

YAY! You had on Kara and Nate and Flying the Nest πŸ˜€

Mukhlis Adi Putra says:

I would like to go to Norway on this coming summer…

Sabra Wilson says:

Scotland was my first solo trip πŸ’— Can't wait to make it back this year!

francisca yaΓ±ez says:

I'm leaving in Australia for a year so all south east asia is on my bucket list for this year <3

donald hussey says:

5 out 15. Apparently im doing better then i thought

roadtrip364 says:

it is a really good travel guide in 2019, thanks for sharing.

lisabroad says:

I haven't been to any of those places and I'm super excited to go explore them!!!

Brendan Travels says:

This video is insane! Thanks for the great content!

Debbie D'Agostino says:

Hi Nadine, I couldn’t help but notice the front picture you have before starting the video which is my hometown Imperia in Liguria Italy! Glad you visited and definitely the pics you took it’s one of the best spot in my small town!

The wondering Englishman says:

Great Channel and some great destinations – I've now seen 87 Countries I will keep going as I would like to see the rest – I'm documenting like yourself on my Channel as of now

Jigga B says:

Slovenia!!! Still a hidden gem

acertainpartygirl says:

If someone asked for the preview's picture is Porto Maurizio a beautiful city in Iiguria in the north west coast of Italy πŸ˜‰

Magyar9Andras says:

Not really unexpected travel destinations…

Nicki Gall says:

I'm ticking Japan and Hawaii off my list this year, but would love to visit all of these one day, especially Alaska πŸ’–
Thanks for sharing & for inspiring me! I'm planning to vlog my travels this year and actually just uploaded my first ever vlog – Byron bay Australia roadtrip! 😊

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