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WHAT’S THAT SMELL IN THE PYRAMIDS?! ☼ Family Travel in Egypt

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Exploring the pyramids is family travel bucket list bliss! Learn a photographer’s secret for getting great photos of the pyramids (without tourists in them). Discover a camel camp! And plug your nose for the most intense smell inside the pyramids!
What is that smell?!

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Diya Samir says:

Hi, very nice video. I was wondering what is the name of the song playing at the beginning? I really like it.

Quinte Studios says:

My favourite part is hearing Blaze pray for his mom!

James Coble says:

Proof of fake news. Egypt is amazing! Even during a revolution!

aniksales says:

Love your channel! Why isn't Disney not producing this? Looking forward to watching all of your episodes. Wishing you and your family much success on this journey.

Karen C says:

Total respect for going down in that pyramid, Yikes!! Great adventure, thanks!

Merenda Dale says:

Such amazing experiences! And seriously so funny! Never would've thought about the smell, but totally makes sense. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

Shelley Coates says:

Okay, how sweet was his little prayer in the tunnel for you. I got all choked up. <3 Such a beautiful family you have.

Danniell Saunders says:

Great first episode guys, cant wait to see more! and FYI, the jars are Canoptic Jars 🙂

Jenn Mitchell says:

Love you guys! You have the best energy. My husband visited Egypt in 2014. He loved it!

Amber Guetebier says:

Such a smart couple of kids, so fearless and amazing. "Dead body." You know, they are probably right!!!

5minutesformom says:

Wow!!! So amazing. Way to kick off your series with a bang.

Janice Croze says:

LOVE IT!!! So fun to finally see the show! Great work everyone! 🙂

Neyssa Lee says:

Such a great first episode. And those images you share make my photographer's heart sing. This makes me want to get traveling to Egypt.

Dennis McClure says:

Yes! I like that you go to places that were away from the crowds.

Phillipa Dugaw says:

You guys are the best! So much fun watching, looking forward to your next episode.

Shirlee Royal says:

Jonathan from Mrs.R.'s 2nd grade wants to know…."Where there any boobie traps in the pyramids?"

Katherine Allen says:

Wow!!! So AWESOME!! I love all the great moments with your kids and the beautiful shots! So sweet that they kept asking if you were ok going down the tunnel as opposed to the other way around, lol. That camel looked like quite a ride, too. I can't wait to show this to Caden!

Pam Callahan says:

LOVED your first episode!!! What an incredible experience your children are having, being able to travel!! Not to mention the education that they are being exposed to as a result!
Being in the travel industry all my life, my husband and I have been fortunate to travel to wonderful places, and we've also been blessed to be able to see and experience travel through our children's eyes, as we traveled as a family. They are well into adulthood now, two of them with children of their own. They would be the first to share with you the incredible experiences they've had through travel, and the importance it had in their education/lives.
Such a gift you are sharing with all, and especially great for those that may not have the opportunity to travel themselves, as well as encouragement for many others to follow their travel dreams.
Excited for you and your family as you realize this dream and this 'next chapter' for you, and excited for those that you touch.
Wishing you continued success and many more 'chapters' to come!!
Can't wait to meet you….in 8 days at your Confidence Workshop!!!

Stephanie Acosta says:

Great first episode!!! Love it! Lots of laughs and amazing views! Love yal! 🙂

Angela Franklin says:

Congrats on your first episode! Loved watching your family on this adventure and I'm really looking forward to seeing more. Well done!

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