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What’s in our Travel Pack

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We’re in Thailand now for our 11 year wedding anniversary! Before we went, though, we had to pack, and so we’re going to show you what we pack in our check in luggage. It’s taken us a while to learn what we need as travelers, and I think we’ve finally got it down! Some of this might seem excessive to you, but hopefully you find something here of use for your future travels.

Thank you to Audible for sponsoring this video. Martina’s going to be listening to her audiobook today by the beach. Yes we read books when celebrating our anniversaries. Once a nerd, always a nerd 😀

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Alison Ng says:

This video seriously came at the right time! Need all the tips I can to nag at my boyfriend to pack his necessities properly for his trip. 🤣 Thanks Simon and Martina! ❤

Kristen Clarkin says:

Happy Anniversary guys! Have fun in Thailand! I also cannot travel without poop stuff (damn you IBS!). I have that, prescriptions, bandaids, Gravol, etc in a similar pouch to Martina's along with a nail file and clipper because without fail my nails and fingers get icky hauling luggage. That goes in my purse or backpack and then I carry-on my suitcase which is only half full so I have room for souvenirs and shopping. I am a packing ninja!

UpsnaaPicks says:

Travel pajamas are not weird! I'm on Team Martina!

Rey Rey says:

You guys make me feel ok about the concept of getting old

Vanessa Rodriguez says:

More podcasts please

Maila Bee says:

I have popsockets on the back of my kindle to prop it up when I'm reading and also for easy holding! 😀

SpaceCan says:

Thank you Simon and Martina! This video actually helped me a lot. I'm going back to Sweden in a few days after living in Seattle for a year and my packing skills are severely lacking.

Raising For Him says:

Love watching the pillows appear and disappear

knitkate says:

Your medical kit idea is so good! I keep getting sick when I travel, and then go into denial about it. Currently wishing I had throat coat and Sudafed in France. They gave me a useless spray for my nose and a spray for my throat.

Also, the aeropress is essential, and I keep an extra one at work.

Raising For Him says:

I use smooth move all the time haha…chronic constipation since I was 8 here

Allison Wright says:

You’re gonna love Ready Player One!

notafangirl says:

My big happy moment during this video was the background music I started singing along to.
🎶Eeee Ooooo Eeee Nuuoooo🎶

Harley Logan says:

I have to take practically a full pharmacy with me on holiday it sucks .Now I’m on stronger pain killers theres even certain countries I can’t visit due to their medication laws.

annie mcfly says:

Oh my god!!😆throat coat tea is a saviour.

SwagLord says:

where did you get that cable kit bag??????? must have

Kimberly Watkins says:

I have a little lilo bag that I carry on me all the time with itchy cream days so get bug bites alot and I have auto immune hives so that helps when they pip out of no where , migraine /pain medicine , antihistamines for my hives or if someone is having allergies, 1 Chap stick, lotion in a tiny tin, my birthcontrol and bandages cause im danger prone. XD

imposterdave says:

Quick note: never, ever try to open a bottle of wine with a Knitting needle

Brat Pfanne says:

Martina you have such lovely feet!

ilive4anime says:

yes, the buttons flying actually happen, major sadness lol

Jordan Scott says:

People don't pack their own PJs?! D:

Pamela Ochoa says:

MARTINA you are not weird. I also have travel pajamas ^_^

dreamery says:

Actually, the funny thing is my boyfriend and I were just in Japan for 3 weeks. And no lie, the button off of his pants came flying off. I was going to go the convenience store and buy a mini sewing kit, but then the zipper broke. No idea how. I love your travel essentials, and I really should be packing smarter… I really need to get on that spare duplicate thing of everything. Packing and unpacking is the bane of my trips always.

Question! How do you guys pack clothes? How much clothes do you pack? What are your essential outfits? Got any other tips for packing clothes?

Marie Cressier says:

I love Wil Wheaton ! Might need to check audible out..

hanin dhira says:

Hey martina! Please read this
It can be, the cause of ur diarrhea is bcs the food u eat!. Yes u get that right. I've seen many case that everyone who live abroad (japan especially) when they come home to my country (southeast asia) they got diarrhea, even went to the hospital. Japan life was so clean that ur stomach got sick when something unfamiliar (or u can say, not hygienic enough) come in to that tummy. Please do drink bottle water (dont go for the commonly local people drink) alot 💕.

SmileyLover621 says:

Would love to see a video of you guys making an Old Fashioned featuring the chai syrup or other favourite alcoholic drinks.

ColorMeInPink0 says:

Someone help! What is the itty bitty travel mirror Martina had in her toiletry bag?? Or where can I get one

Jackie M says:

Team naked sleepers!!

Pierre r says:

chai syrup, aeropress, miso… whut

Briana Orens says:

we didnt have a wine opener and tried doing the key method. we ended up with a bottle full of cork

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