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Solo travel tips, advice, things not to do when traveling by yourself.

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Hey Nadine says:

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Im a surfer

Eeyore Piglet says:

11:08 you need what?

LadyDragonbane says:

I love travelling solo! Planning and booking is easier, and I feel relaxed and free when I get there. Never have I felt lonely when travelling solo.

Daniel Cardenas says:

Use a small tiny camera and stick it on you back pack to record thing going on…

Daniel Cardenas says:

Last year was my first time travel and nothing wrong with that as far as having bringing friends to travel with you sometimes friends they be like ok then of a sudden they changed their minds or they probably have no money..

Jhon Byron says:

thanks you i will doing

ChazzDesigns says:

the thing is, you're a girl so it's only logical that you will get approached by people.. solo traveling when you're a guy is different

Audrey Jackson says:

I’m about to start traveling alone because…my friends suck. Except for like two of them, but schedules and money man.

Igor Lira says:

I'm doing a solo solo trip in the next two weeks in England. I hope all goes well haha

Natan says:

Very interesting video, thanks a lot. I'm planning on travelling solo as well. You talk about people will approach me and I'll have to say no a lot, is it the same for me as a young man? Or is this more for the female watchers?

asirealized says:

rookie mistake of mine. forgot my vlogging camera. used up all my phone battery. i was getting back to my airBnB with a dead phone. ARRRRGGGGH. learned my lesson. always have an external battery and don't use your phone for video/picture taking all the time.

neha abidi says:

Strting d solo trip in dec end…..n ur tips r grt….all noted😎

Planes, Trains, Everything. says:

I travel solo and the most common question is "Don't you get lonely?" Definitely not. Being solo means you can do what you want, speak to whoever you want and I find you get to speak to more locals this way.

Pilar Verbinnen says:

I'm planning a solo trip around the world, all tips are welcome!

Garry Dy says:

I'm gay and I salute you to have courage to travel alone.

Emily ww. says:

I hope one day I can afford to travel to America!

Alan Hernández says:

Traveling alone gives you a lot of confidence when you return at home

Mike Bell says:

Honestly not a fan of her tone, seems like she kind of thinks the idea of the whole video is supper obvious? Idk, maybe it’s just me

Edit: nvm it’s just at 2mins, good video lol


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Cindy B says:

I love to travel alone 🙂

ruby araiza says:

Love your energy. happy solo travelling

Sumaia Alwan says:

You just made me feel better than a second ago, I was just having a mini panic attack over my first solo trip

Joseph Barney says:

First rule is to not travel solo by yourself. Just kidding! Thanks I'll be paying a lot of attention to your videos as I wanna travel and even started a travel blog. Coffee cheers, since I don't drink alcohol.

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