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What Can $10 Get in DAKAR, SENEGAL? (Budget Travel)

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DAKAR, SENEGAL IS AMAZING and this video was so much fun to make!!

Join me as I hit the street markets one of Africa’s most vibrant, colorful and energetic cities to see how many things I can get for just $10 USD!

Truth be told, Dakar lives up to all of the hype. This place is just about as good as a city can get — kind people, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and amazing architecture including the newly opened largest mosque in West Africa.

Have you ever wanted to go to Dakar? Ask me any questions in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

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Adventures with Mady & Kirstyn says:

He made this on my birthday 🎂

Zobina Shehwar says:

Why african women always very sexy having very large figures ??

Zoulkifly Lazanba says:

I'm from Senegal just watched your video, it's cool!
Funny thing is what you bought from that lady shop isn't a PRAYER BEADS it's WAIST BEADS instead.
I'm a little sceptical you didn't notice the difference!
Hope making fun to our religion wasn't what you aimed!

Rizal Chairul says:

Interesting view in Senegal.. peaceful
From 🇮🇩 indonesia

Abdul Bayoh says:

You have to go in Sierra Leone and try the $10

Diara Toure says:

I love my country🇸🇳😍🥰

Martin Kralik says:

Sitting in a boiling taxi with no meter? No thanks.

A S says:

Greetings to Sadio Mane's country 🙂

Watching the Hawks says:

That's speaks a lot about France is doing in Senegal when you looks at these taxis. Senegal is rich but the resources and money all gone to France.

Kassim Papis says:

First YouTuber that I actually like 💯 chill dude 😎

Lamar Busshead says:

U need to come to Jamaica 🇯🇲

fork at the end of the road says:

Your buddy @ 4:40 is a douchebag
So judgmental and ungrateful… pointing out negatives but not appreciating the positives

Jasmine Lucas says:

You should go to

unfried says:


X tempo says:

Do visit Vietnam

Peter Grandy says:

Come to 🇰🇪 kenyaa

Frantz Pierre says:

So far he has been very respectful in all his videos.

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