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What a Cheap Hotel is Like in Tokyo, Japan | HOTEL TOUR

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WOULD YOU STAY IN THIS HOTEL!? Let me know your thoughts below! Thank you for watching~
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Reina Scully says:

What are YOUR go-to or favorite hotels in Tokyo??
Thanks for watching~

daqiao says:

You did'nt show a full view of the room !! going to this hotel so would of liked to have seen the room in full view .Other wise good review .thanks

Wong C says:

I booked few nights on late March, 2019, the fee is US$160/nite for single room.

ducson ng says:

Do u know any tour guide to recommend

trish8616 says:

I've been watching your videos for some time, bc in November I'm going to Japan! I'm looking for places to spend few nights and I was curious about this place! but I have a very important question, are there wardrobes in these rooms? I'm going to Japan for over two weeks, so I will have a huge suitcase with me, my boyfriend will have one too and I wonder if we can fit in with our things 😀

Alex Alestareon says:

What kind of hotel doesn't have a public staircase???

Picsoleated says:

How did you get it at such a good price? The price is almost almost 4x this for the 6 days I'm looking at

Rei Hino says:

I'm thinking of booking this hotel for my trip next month, which site do you use to book?

KevinGoldLVL says:

cow chop sent me here! new subscriber

CoolshotImagery says:

I have stayed at the APA in Akihabara. It's fine for a solo traveler. I am a typical fat american at 5'10" and 210lbs. The bathroom was cramped but I could still move around in it.

Auto VAG Clear Mechanic says:

You so cute

ddn79 says:

Where are you booking for that cheap?

Ivan Padilla says:

@8:40+++ did anyone notice the wrinkles on the sides of her mouth?

Pauline Nguyen says:

Holy Pikachuu!!!

Marbleous Mel says:

We stayed at APA Hotel when in Tokyo. No regrets, and we will do it again!

Lalakeng Obi says:

You don't eat in a restaurant, instead you eat inside your room or even in the bathtub. Yep, cheapo but still smart-practical! Nice video.

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