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We’re Flying to NEW YORK CITY! – Travel Day to NYC (Austin, TX ✈️NYC)

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We’re waving a bittersweet goodbye to Texas today and hopping a plane over to New York City! We’ll be spending a week exploring the northeast USA via Greyhound, eating all sorts of new foods and exploring states we’ve never been to!

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We’re Eric & Allison Bieller and we’re on a journey to find the most interesting places and unique foods this planet has to offer! We’ve traded in our steady paychecks and permanent home for a life of travel and adventure. Come along and see the world with us!


The Endless Adventure says:

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Lea Woodard says:

Eric, I agree with the others, see a doctor or chiropractor. Have a scan to make sure nothing is cracked. My chiropractor works wonders. I fell in July and my back was killing me until I went to her in September. Now I'm 99% better.

Sumitha Chellathai says:

Guys, I really would like to meet y'all, if you plan to visit Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India………Someday……….. Love You, Guys………..

brandon moffett says:

I hope Eric jones made it to his flight!!!

Go Out On A LIM says:

Take it from a New Yorker on the definition of Culinary tourism, which is defined as “the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences.” The travel series featured on my channel ("8 Countries in 6 Weeks", "4 Baltic States & Deutschland" and "A Quick Slip Away to Ecuador") cover my eating experiences around the world from the most pleasurable to the ones with food I felt hesitant taking another bite of. Either way, these are enriching experiences I will cherish forever. Come join me experience these moments together.
Link: https://youtu.be/LeIEqqJc4fY

*Rebekah Badal* says:

You should go see a chiropractor about your tailbone because, maybe you accidentally shifted something out of place when you hit that rock. By the way love your videos!

Andrew Bergin says:

Hi you guys Love you're work and vlogs

April and Tim Travel says:

😂 travel day vlogging…sounds easy, but rarely is!

Waylon Jeffers says:

hey you guys should come to wv

Laurel Hamilton says:

Love you both! I like the haircut Eric! You both are the best at making these videos. My favorites!

Paul Bunchareon says:

Welcome to NYC!

mcscootie says:

How much for that coffee!!!!!!!

Urban VIII says:

Go to H&H bagels; 2 on upper west side; 1 on upper east side; and one in Hell's Kitchen.

Liza Me says:

Greyhound buses are the worst. Good luck!

Liza Me says:

old man eric

Roneykaith Palmaria says:

This is my fave channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Binge watching all your episodes

LJ Travels Bucketlist says:

I hope you guys visit Boston🤗

Ian Stevenson says:

Those Briggo coffee machines are ace. You can download an app and use it to order and pay for your drink.

AWE39V8 !!!! says:

You guys should do a “around the world in 80 days “ project ,just like the old Michael Palin show in 1989 BBC travel documentary where he takes cars trains busses trucks camels etc anything but planes anything he can get cheap and pretty much travel the whole world. (Or I mean around the word) and you should document the entire thing through your channel but only catch is you gotta do it all in exactly 80 days 😊 would be a cool challenge for you guys to experience. Peace.

Kyle K. Chang says:

Injured tailbone is not joke! Keep away from those freakin slides 😜. Take care.

Anne K says:

Try a deli! Katz maybe?

new t says:

Eric you need to see an osteopath.

David says:

acupuncture (from chinese medicine place) for your back, worked a treat for me!

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