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We’re a Full-Time Traveling Family!! /// Family Travel Vlog #50!!

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PLEASE COMMENT!! It would be really fun for us to hear from you.. Maybe a favorite moment from our videos? Favorite destination so far?

This is our 50th video!! Thank you and THANK YOU for joining our family adventure around the world. More details about our Dubai trip giveaway coming on our Instagram this week!!

Happy travels!! Sincerely, The Bucket List Family


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ABeautifulLove says:

Amazing!! God bless your family always..

TaawkTV Family Travel Channel says:

Hi The amazing Bucket List Family!! You are an inspiration to us and such a beautiful family! we look forward to sharing experiences and have subscribed for more updates! If your feeling generous maybe you could subscribe to our tiny tiny channel as us family travel vloggers need to stick together and help inspire more and more families to Take the Leap into family adventure. Love your work keep them coming! Jessica x

Leigh Anne Thomas says:

I hope my YouTube videos have as much heart as yalls!

Dılba Yoltay says:

First I congratulate your fiftieth video. I think you should definitely join a TED conversation because your story is so beautiful 🙂 <3

Linda Brownie says:

hey team, i have been going through some crazy health problems and i watch your videos and they truly bring such smile to my face thank you keep up the good work…goals for bring up my bubbas

Mirthe says:

I loved what you said! Live a life worth writing about! So true!!

Dominique Robertson says:

Wow— We were thinking of doing the sammmmme thing– I've just caught this, your 50's video… and you've filled my heart with such joy— There's a different, richer life out there and watching this made me feel like it's actually possible…<3<3<3

Sup! Kid's Cooking and Culture Show says:

i like them!!!

Sophie Sleeman says:

You and your family are such an inspiration! 🙂 I love your videos and hope to do this myself one day

WildandFree Kidstravel says:

What a great family you are ! We totally relate to your thoughts and the way of seeing things. We also travel and learn so much on our way. All the best for you. <3 Wild & Free Family

Romi Q says:

My favorite part of your videos are when you tell Dorothy a secret and she doesn't hear you and you say it's the most important thing…makes me smile. I love the wonderful parenting style you have. You set a great example of kindness and love for one another.


Just found your channel absolutely love it will definitely be watching more of your channel! Me and my girlfriend have recently started our own travel channel would love if you could check it out and subscribe!

Stefanie Bielekova says:

"Live a life worth writing about!" Amen to that! Thanks for all of the inspiration, Bucket List Family! <3 <3 <3

Curious Explorer says:

Great video! I have subbed and liked please see my channel and support back. Thanks and Happy New Year 😉

FAMtastic Voyage says:

Great channel. We are only traveling part-time right now, but plan to be full-time in the near future.

Vania Lim says:

Rewatchiiiingg! And I realized I wasn't able to thank you for putting up our picture from Cebu! So THANK YOU! 😊

ioannakls says:

how did you get money for traveling

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