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We Are Downsizing 🤔Full Time Travel Family

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We Are Downsizing Full Time Travel Family. After having our son Landyn we needed to make some changes to get back to traveling. We are working hard to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle and minimizing our belongings for easier travel with a newborn.

Some of you are going to laugh because I worked so hard to get Landyn’s closet organized. It worked great while we were stationary but now that we are getting ready to hit the road it is time to make some changes.

I consider minimalism a spectrum. What you have to do is decide where you are comfortable and start fro there. Downsizing can be overwhelming and even in a tiny home we find is hard to get down to the basics. We are excited to show you this journey of minimizing!

We hope to inspire those that are looking to adopt the RV lifestyle and share how we are downsizing to make the travel life better. We want to live out our motto “Live Simply” and as we get ready for our adventure on the road.

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Welcome to The Freedom Theory! The Freedom Theory is putting what freedom means to us to the test. Living in an RV (recreational vehicle) full-time and seeing the world! We vlog and blog our experiences daily and showing how living a simple RV life can be fulfilling everyday! Currently we live in a 2004 36ft. Colorado renovated and remodeled fifth wheel. Everyday we are sharing our travel adventures around the US and bringing you along for the adventure! Come RVing with us and see what it is like to live in a RV! We share tips, tricks and hacks for the RV lifestyle and hope we can help answer some of your questions if you are considering hinting the road and becoming a full-time RVer. We live in an RV by choice and wouldn’t have our lives any other way as we grow our family and share our experiences as we vlog and blog. Full-time RVing has changed our lives.

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The Freedom Theory says:

Here is the blog is y'all want to check it out! We will have and "official launch" and announcement soon! Still making some tweaks to it http://www.thefreedomtheory.com/

Photo Quintessence says:

Wow!! Great Video!

Tink Moments says:

I am loving the new nursery. I also think the onesy (sp?) quilt is a great idea. When we started downsizing, I decided to make a quilt out of all of the matching Disney shirts I had made for each of our family vacations (well one shirt from each set). I knew I couldn't keep them all with our limited space, but I did have room for a quilt. I can't wait to see the finished bedroom / nursery / laundry room make over. Enjoy your family time this summer. We will enjoy seeing more from Josh. P.S. I spotted George, and it looks like George has a little friend too!

Springsteadgal says:

It's beautiful you two. So proud of you. Enjoy your summer as a family.

Survive Travel says:

I really enjoyed your video. Subscribe to my videos too. Cheers 😛 http://bit.ly/2IgEpyT

K Sizzle says:

Yay, I'm so happy for you guys😄 Redefining your freedom… so inspiring!! 🤗🤗

Tina Thomas says:

Looking forward to your travels.  Be safe and enjoy your time.

diana keller The_Fam says:

love watching you guys and seeing landon grow.hugs

The Freedom Project says:

I've loved watching you both make your space work and look better since one or two rigs ago!! I Love your style and colour palette. You have always had cosy and cool homes. I'm all for living simply and reducing costs and our carbon footprint. It was so nice to have Josh so involved in this vlog and I'm looking forward to more of it. I don't really do blogs so much but l plan to have a look over there. Thanks guys great to see you today and have the little remind to check out out systems to see if they are still working for us! 💖💖💖

One Love says:

Myself, my husband, and our dog are on our path to live simply. We've been following you all for a bit now and your channel has become a part of our journey. So, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! Your content has taught us, made us laugh, cry and even explore new ideas of RV living. We adore you all and pray for continued blessings! P.S. Cant wait to read the new blogs!

Rene Morris says:

What an adorably sweet baby!

vwohllaib says:

Landyn is adorable! I love it when he puckers up!! Downsizing… I thought you both look like you’ve lost weight!!

Linda Donewar says:

Im excited for you guys! Best of luck on your new ventures! 🙏

Tabitha H says:

I would definitely talk to Less Junk, More Journey about downsizing and capsule wardrobes if you need some help. There are also some stores (Once Upon a Child is a national chain) that will buy the too small clothes, and then you can shop for the next size while you are there. I understand the want to keep some things for any future kids, but even in a house the space can be challenging.

tamara lafontaine says:

I just love you guys. You are truly an amazing family. Good luck on all you strive for.

Cheryl Henson says:

Y'all are so fast! Come clean & minimize ALL of mine. Looks cute & smart. And must have washer/dryer with babies for sure! Smart thinking & planning. There is a difference from pre-parent to actual parents. Sweet video.


HI Josh and Kali and Landan and Bear Great video I have heard this said Do what you Love Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life

QBI Faith says:

Love your channel and it's great to see you both together doing life and baby Landon is to to adorable ❣️❣️

Linda Hyatt says:

You guys are the bomb!!!

Shamrock Girl says:

* Luv closet turned baby room.
* As a new parent I thought I needed certain items, but when Ben arrived, my view changed drastically. And @ 10 lbs he never wore any newborn clothes.

Cheryl Ownbey says:

Your little family is adorable and I'm so happy for you all. Its great that there is paternity leave for husbands. My husband was home full time with our daughter for the first nine months of her life.
I"d like to share something that made a HUGE difference in our lives and how we raised our daughter. We were told to just live our lives, don't close doors when she is sleeping, don't turn off the music, don't baby talk, but most of all don't change who you are, be yourselves with all the good and bad. She grew to have an incredible vocabulary, be a very sound secure sleeper, love all forms of music and to feel like she is part of our lives and our best friend,, she is now in her thirties… I may not have explained that very well, but I hope it might help you both too.. Cheryl

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