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WOW…..LOL….yeah its been a minute.

SO much has been going on, so we kind of left this channel alone BUT hopefully we will be back soon making more videos

Anyways…. follow us!

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Starr Walker says:

Weight loss secret? You look amazing!

Fifie Love says:

18:59 listening to Tanasha …love it xx

naomi karimi says:

Andri, sasa, mambo vipi?
Unafanya vyema sana kuwafunza watoto wako kiswahili. Nafurahia mno mimi kama mkenya nikiona hivi…
Hongera na uendelee vivyo hivyo.
Love from Nairobi, Kenya.

naomi karimi says:

Love this family. Love from kenyan girl

Jessicanachami Nachami says:

This Mombasa????

Nafisa Said says:

Aww!soo cute little angle😘😍

Azza Mahamdu says:

Ur wife has pretty teeth

mukiri beatrice says:

16:24 mmmm… so Amelia can be a young Nicki Minaj.

mukiri beatrice says:

I love ur vids guys.They are so cool.

mukiri beatrice says:

Oh my goodness!!!Where is that extremely beautiful road located in?

Boi says:


mithula mujyani says:

Where is this place ?

Juliette Barton says:

Adri is such a gentleman

Tamar Brown says:

U guys inspire me. U guys r goals. I'm Jamaican too

قل الحق says:

Wow, amazing….

Jaiden Love says:

She low key got model features

Crystal Spann says:

That place looks awesome! What’s the name of it??

Rita Bwari says:

Dear gigi..there is nothing wrong with being darker..beauty is not in the colour..don't self hate

Nabila Haashi says:

I love the hotel, wish you mentioned the name of it, but yh, amazing to watch yall have an amazing family vacay

Blue Diamond Insights says:

What's your skin routine including body creams or lotions? Your skin is glowing. I am sure it is not baby oil like every other female says.lol

Salma Gungurugwa says:

Mwanamke mzuri lkn mchafu iyo mikucha unasafishaje papa yako

Josephine Narh says:

U so fine gosh😫

Abigail Oluseyi says:

You never mentioned where u guys went

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