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Vietnam Vacation $42. A Day Enjoying CHEAP Street Food, & Night Life

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Vietnam Vacation $42. A Day Vacation Enjoying CHEAP Street Food, & Night Life.

Vietnam vacation $42 a day Budget Travel
Vietnam 2 Weeks Travel Cost $42. A Day Per person
How much does it cost to take a vacation for two weeks in Vietnam?
I will give you a breakdown on our cost to spend two weeks in beautiful Vietnam.

Hotels ( 3 hotels ) 14 days Hotels and breakfast included. $512. Per day $36
Food ( all food cost including small items that we would buy on your street)
$18 a day per person

Total food cost $350 $25 a day for 2 people. $12.50 per person

Miscellaneous Taxi, traveling tour package visit the store cool sites, tips, Movie one day miscellaneous. $227.for two people $8.00 a day
Personal items one dress, two scarves, one pair of slippers $84

$586.50 for each person
$42 a day per person
Jerry lori’s Grand total for two people 14 days $1,175
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Thailand $750

Vietnam Hoi AN Tralve Safe

Killing fields The Children of Cambodia surviving on the streets.



Madeleine Reilly says:

Jerry. We found it is too pricy for what you paid a day in hotel in Hoi An. My husband and I went to VN very often and we paid $25.00 a day for both of us include breakfast. And in Saigon we paid as little as $20.00 a day with breakfast. The room is very large with hot water/ air conditioner. Of course I speak vietnamese so that help!!

Bobby Spitz says:

Did you seriously spell Travels wrong and still posted the video? You’re old, lack of attention to detail… I’ll cut you some slack.

Jasmine Kaur says:

In Hindi idont know English

jessie santiago says:

Wondering where Lori is originally from?

Two Peas in a Plane says:

Hi Jerry and Lori!

It was great meeting you both in Kampot. You are true travel inspirations and we hope that we can eventually explore the world as much as you guys have! Love the channel and tips, keep up the good work!

Here's our blog If you'd like to check it out:

Good luck to the both of you on your travels and hopefully we may cross paths again!

Safe travels,
Tiffany and Minh (@twopeasinaplane)

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