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VANCOUVER on only $10 (Budget Travel in Vancouver, BC)

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Can you have fun in Vancouver, BC with only a $10 budget? Let’s find out.

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Here are the other $10 Challenge videos I mention in this video:

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Abi Abroad says:

Man Vancouver is so expensive! Wish I'd known that before moving here so I could prep just a little ?

Trent Zal says:

Yo we're In Winnipeg

World Wide Wong says:

That was hilarious, man! Us Torontonians feel bad that our housing prices are high but then we remember, "Hey, at least we're not Vancouver!" 😀
Keep it up, dude!

TheTravelBugBite says:

Hahaha, I love it! If I did one of these of Shanghai, I'd have to do something similar because $10 won't get you very far 😛 The beer can collecting tip is awesome, and the sunset was priceless 😉 Thanks for sharing 🙂

Travel in Twos says:

Loved the satirical presenting style haha, also loved how you showed other peoples $10 challenges, you made a great video despite there not being much for the $10 budget – nicely done!

mOhItArTs says:

the eve views are awesome and that was pretty much difficult to spend a day on $10

Maiku Wong says:

=) Nobody can afford to live there.

Ria Kathrine says:

You can seriously sell empty cans to beer stores???

Fit Two Travel says:

So entertaining! Its hard to budget in Vancouver!

World On A Whim says:

Love a slice of cheese pizza and a mocha freeze from Costco. Was laughing throughout this video…after the beer, I was pretty concerned what you would be doing for dinner. glad you stopped early ha. Also appreciated that even though you couldn't actually do anything on Granville Island, at least you showed us a new area to explore in Vancouver! Oh and that sunset was spectacular.

Gab & Maya Backpacking says:

Hahaha!! Bro, I love the idea! Thanks for sharing! You cannot go far with 10$ hahaha in VANCOUVER!

Mel and Jona Travel says:

Haha great feature, you kept us entertained the whole way through! That barman's reaction was brilliant ? sunset was gorgeous though, money can't buy that!

Four Dirty Feet says:

Ha ha, so Vancouver is definitely not for budget travellers! Love your sense of humuor, you had us in stitches 🙂


Very nice video, especially the narrating and editing has been done great!

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