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VACATION on a BUDGET!!! Money Saving – Hacks & Tips | Brittany Daniel

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In this video, I give you 6 ways to save money on vacation! Vacation tips start at 2:22. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!!!


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Cheryl Pope says:

I love Carnival! I just took a cruise to Belize last year.

Darneisha Nettles says:

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James Stanley says:

You have to notify us that you are a paid advertiser in order to advertise or the fcc will fine you 10 grand

Sonny says:

Great Video. Thank you for posting.

Carlos Eberl says:

This is money saving for rich people, right?

brightful5 says:

Jeremy.from.jersey just subscribed

Krystal Beauty says:

I'm about to go on vacation and thank u for these tips Brittany!! Now i am going to shop in my own room, where im going there not going to know! Haha thank u!!

SF Hammond says:

Flying to Ireland for 2 weeks. Flying Norwegian and the baggage restrictions are crazy AF. Excellent video!

Meme says:

you are amazing

magiesq says:

the key here is groups. If you want to cruise solo dolo it will ALWAYS cost. traveling like this nine times out of 10 cost more so traveling solo is always expensive from my experience unless you do some domestic travel and airbnb

Charlene Campbell says:

A great tip i love is instead of renting a hotel for vacation try renting a villa… I love Airbnb Ive saved so much money when use them when I travel.

Bettie Descartes says:

I love your videos and I think you are very wise. I don not agree with the all inclusive resort mainly because I never stay at the resort to make it worth my while. I usually get back to the hotel/resort at night to sleep.

Dee Dee says:

Lemon water debloats as well and much cheaper!

Serena A says:

been on 8 cruises , i dont plan on going aytime soon. there cheap but like they say " you get what you pay for"

Sarah O'Neill says:

all inclusive resorts are so insular that it generally mean that the resorts get all the $$ and the local economy does not make any money at all and does not benefit from the tourism that comes to the area. Very important in poorer countries.

Cheryl Wilkinson says:

Going to Pensacola, Florida in 2 weeks- August 2017

abelle bass says:

Going to Mexico but this time renting a car on a budget and doing all of the non tourist things. Going to stay a few nights in Isla Holbox. Will hit the all inclusive stuff in Cancun the last 3 days to rest up!! Trip total cost… $700.

Monique Palmer says:

Let's pack with you please!!

cultureshock123 says:

I loved the tip of not shopping too much before you leave!

Stephen Kostiak says:

I'm going on vacation to California with my parents along with Tammy Mazza on October of 2018.

Life With The Mason's says:

I didn't know alcohol is included in all inclusive resorts ! Good to know because drinks can add up πŸ€” -Chelsea

Eden Sam says:

Love ❀️ this! You are totally right! I totally don't buy new outfits on my vacation! I'd rather spend my money on a few more vacations than on outfits! πŸ‘

Cola Sol says:

Yes do a pack with me !!πŸ™‚ new subbie

Brandon Young says:

Excellent video. I might have to try the cruise even though my friends are brokies. But might look into that travel agent and stuff. Keep making good content.

Frugal Nev says:

That colon tea though, made me laugh

CA says:

I love the content of your videos. I really appreciate the credit & savings vids, it can help so many young kids

Lisha Goldman says:

Going to Vegas with my siblings in June.But i've been there already,they haven't. And in July,heading to Europe.First destination:Switzerland then Barcelona then Rome,Venice,Athens, then last stop Paris.So excitedπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ then when I come bck in August,Going to Jamaica with my travel buddies.Birthday in september:Still haven't figured where to go but I'm thinking it should be a family vacay since my mom n I have the same birthday(thinking about a cruise to the bahamas lol…followin your advice)
I've been traveling since February 2016 and I feel like this is the best thing everπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

Badgurlbeauty says:

I have two weeks vacation and I considering a music fest in Miami and Cancun lol. yes i probably need to chose one

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