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USD$1000 FOR 23 DAYS IN JAPAN?! | Cheap Travel Tips

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Travelling to Japan isn’t as expensive as you thought it was! With these travel hacks, you will definitely spend MUCH lesser than travel websites estimates! These travel budgeting hacks can help you with your trips around the world.

I traveled to Japan on the 22nd of March 2016 to 13th of April 2016. I traveled around with USD$1000. It was a budget trip as I am only a student. I had to hitchhike around japan to save costs. It was my first time hitchhiking. I explored Japan while vlogging. Now i’m here to guide you guys if you wanna take a cheap trip to japan! Check out my travel diary! I will be giving you guys tips and tricks on how to travel japan on a low budget!

Backpacking Japan has never been easier!
Music: Mark Canales https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_iKsVbPpe4
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Klash Song says:

Hi interesting. How much was your return flight ticket SIngapore-Japan? Thanks.

Shaun Foo says:

wow! how much money u making now?

Samo762 says:

I went to Japan in November for about 10 days and I spend around EUR 400 in total (excluding my air fare) – I also hitchhiked around and slept in my tent or through couchsurfing but I did stay in hostels for like 3 nights (1 of them was actually this weird japanese manga cafe)… I didn't really try to save too much on food or city transport – so yeah the conclusion is, if you're scared of going to Japan because it's expensive – don't be, it can be done for a lot cheaper than you imagine (if I reaaally tried to save, I think I'd only spend about a half, so about 200 euros)

Jia Qi Yip says:

omg sick video!

MrLogitechhhh says:

thx for the tips

Ron Chiang says:

U fucking baller HAHAHAHA but damn senpai I cant wait for your next video ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ kawaii

Zon Chua says:

damn son love the accent! Are your from Singapore?

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