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United Airlines Sues 22 Year Old Who Found Method For Buying Cheaper Plane Tickets

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United and Orbitz are going to sue a 22 year old for simply finding cheaper methods of getting to your final destination.
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Daryl Mosely says:

This used to be the case with US Airways when they were screwing their market area and CLT hub. You could book from SFO to CLT to RDU. If you live in CLT, just get off the plane in CLT and go home. Checked luggage is the only problem as mentioned. If they are going to screw the public, we can screw them, right? I am good with that.

Freezing Cold says:

You totally lost me. Your going to LA X, and then you say your going to chicago. Do you mean your going to both places via one flight?

Brian Kim says:

A genius method?!? You're kidding, right? Many many people do this. Plane fuel doesn't make sense to you. Wow.

merry airlines says:

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Dead Horse says:

The commercial for this was a United commercial….funny shit.


Lol……I've  been doing this for over 20 years, Travel Agents have been doing this for clients since the 1980's.

Anthony Macias says:

What are their specific claims? I'd love to know what their case is. Now that it's 2017, we should he able to see if they won or not.

Luvsantudob Top says:

Oh man you are aged a lot.

R G says:

Send your bag by UPS a few days before your flight and pick up when you arrive.

Elly Wills says:

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Wareagle86 says:

Only idiots can't understand what he is saying.

ke xia says:

poor people have time, so they save money with extra hours on flight. rich people have money, they save time by flying direct. =) that evens out I guess.

Antonio Minaya says:

The hell r you talking about? You mainly are promoting your website . Where is the method?

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