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Ultimate Walt Disney World Trip and Travel Hacks List!

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We’ve gathered a TON of Disney World Trip and Travel Hacks for you here on the DFB Guide Channel and we can’t wait to hear yours! Leave your tips in the comments!

Snacks FAQ:

Using Garden Grocer at Walt Disney World:

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Eric Gee says:

Great vid, I'm going to definitely apply the Target gift card hack next trip. Out of curiosity do you cover the water parks at all? I know they don't offer much in terms of cuisine but they've always been a highlight and welcome break from the ride queues on longer stays.

Emily Y says:

Very nice video! I got on some sort of Disney vacation at least once a year and even a few of these were news to me!

Geoffrey Nease says:

If I remember correctly… Didn't they just start a delivery charge for incoming deliveries?

Dee McGee says:

Planning our first trip since Nov 2015 for MVMCP and the Candlelight Processional.

Renee Gaud says:

Not really a hack but I like to hide all the H2O products they leave in your hotel room (shampoo, conditioner, lotions etc..) The maid usually replenishes them every day. At the end of the week, ​I have a nice collection. When I get home I donate them to our local women's shelter.

Tyler Mendez says:

OMG I love this!!! I have been plenty of times but there are some GREAT hacks on your video!

Ezzy Barrington says:

Will you please do this video for Disneyland in California? I'm going for the first time this summer and feel so unprepared!

Carrie Lynn says:

My husband and I bought matching Mickey watches on our last trip. We put them on immediately. His stopped working about 1 hour later. We went back with NO receipt (lost) and NO packaging (thrown away) thinking we'd have to beg for a replacement… NOPE. No problem. Cast Member said "Help yourself to a new one!" and we were on our way. Amazing customer service.

LoveStallion says:

Child swap is one area where Universal has Disney licked, mainly because parents get to skip most attraction lines entirely and wait in a nice little room. It's brilliant, because when you have little kids, carrying around that car seat or Bjorn or whatever for an hour is pure misery. I rode almost every ride at Universal almost instantly because of child swap.

Mayra Rivera says:

Awesome hacks!! Can I buy Disney Dinning Plan if I am staying off property??

Beth Corrigan says:

Remember to book fast passes early, but even if you don't the app is always updating the day that you are there.

dolfan29 says:

Disney only allows soft sided coolers only (the collapsible kind). No hard coolers allowed! They will make you return it back to your car or room.

Jennibeans25 says:

Love your voice!

Marcus Giltan says:

Personal Tip:

If you want to ride the Avatar: Flight of Passage, but you're unwilling to wait for 2-5 hours in line, try going to Pandora just after the Rivers of Light show. Usually, people go home after that. For some reason the Disney app don't update near closing time as it said the wait time was 2 hours, but then we managed to breeze through the line in less than 40 minutes. It was by far the best "experience ride" I've ridden in Disney. 😀

Shaylah M. says:

Great video!!!!

SundaeFundayTV says:

Another hack: bring multiple pairs of sneakers so that if you end up getting blisters at all you can switch them. Also bring moleskin sheets to wrap or cover blisters. I thought I bought the most comfortable pair of nikes before my trip last year and they ended up not being wide enough for my little duck feet, luckily I had my second choice sneakers from 7th grade all lined up and ready to go and my pinky toe was wrapped in moleskin the rest of the week

GBOGEY says:

Always wait for B1 on Soarin'. Front/ center.

Alex Quirk says:

One idea for buying merchandise, if you're there for a week, wait a few days to buy merchandise. Take pictures of what you want, and in the second half of your trip start buying some of the items you looked at previously. Could prevent some of those impulse buys.

Patricia Brown says:

Another benefit of one person in your group having an Annual Pass – if you are not staying on property or have a car, the Annual Passholder saves the group $22 per day in parking fees for the theme parks.

Sha_lay_lay S says:

Not only discounts on the websites but check with local banks and check with company's that you work with!!!! I work for Citi bank and they have FANTASTIC discounts on airlines, car rentals and yes even up to 50 percent off Disney world park tickets!!!!

Marla in CA says:

FYI – Disney hotels now charge for items you have mailed. Anything they have to handle. I think it is 5.00 now.

Kimberly Smith says:

Love the gift card idea! Maybe we can give the kids each their own with a set amount on it, and they can spend it on whatever they choose to in the park! Once its gone, they are done with souvenirs!

CuriosityRocks says:

Great video 😀

Brian Riven says:

We eat ice all day long to stay hydrated and cool off

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