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ULTIMATE TRAVEL GUIDE! How to Pack + Tips & Tricks!

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Hey Guys! Today I have a video all about traveling! How I like to pack, what to bring on vacation, essentials, tips & tricks, and even some vacation outfit ideas! Make sure to give this video a big ole’ thumbs up and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE down below! Love you all oodles & oodles!!!:)))



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*Yes this video is sponsored by best fiends! I never work with any company or promote a product I don’t genuinely use and like!*


Elizabeth Kamau says:

I have the same pillow pet

Michelle Alva says:

What do you use to edit?

Tana “Lavender Unicorn” Anil says:

I watched this RIGHT AFTER i finished packing

I'm so stupid

Naysia Sky says:

I have The Same Pillow Pet As You

Hannah Bean says:

I travel in winter

Aria Rimal says:

OMG I have the SAME Ladybug Pillow Pet! P.S. It's a girl ;)

Nova trine says:

Where did you get that off the shoulder dress?

Jessica Phillips says:

cheap flip flops….. from pink….

Faithtube says:

My little sisters name is Tucker

Waking up with Charli says:

You are soooo cool love your videos

Sarah Wilkinson says:

i really like your channel coz ur tumblr and you don't show your body a lot

Abby Peters says:

What level are you up to now?

Angela acompanado says:

Intro is so long

Gayle Talicuran says:

great video!

Mollie Jones says:

this literally helped me so much I'm leaving tomorrow :)

Tayla Eckersley says:

I am new I love you

Paola Hernandez says:

i have the same suitcase

Laila Ramadan says:

0:25 song plzzz

Akeliah White says:

0:11 HOO! HOO! HOO!HOO!??

Em Jem says:

ha the spider would be me but screaming

ZloGell Martin says:

omg happy birthday Ollie   you make me smile you are amazing you shooting star you make me laugh I love you I di happy birthday well done missy and bryan you had an amazing son well done

Sofia Vartanova says:

omg! i loooove binge watching ur videos! ?????

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