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In todays video I will show you how inexpensive it is to travel to the Ukraine. In this video I am traveling to Ukraine in 2017, specifically to Lviv.

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inspired by Indigo Traveller : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF1Mp3X_g1k

Travel to the Ukraine 2017
Travel to lviv
Travel to Odessa
Travel on a Budget


Dany ́s Travel and Fitness Diary says:

HEY THERE 😀 DANY HERE 😉 I just published my best Creation to this date. In this Video I will tell you the full Story on how we travelled the World in the past few months and what I learned from it. Check it out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCgRZwkeo7Y

Olga Bernatska says:

Great video! Thanks a lot for sharing! Just that it's "Ukraine", no article.

Justt Srey says:

you should give me a personal tour! look like pretty cool country to visit. Hello from Los =]

The Black Knight says:

Any idea how to get a more extended permit if you aren't working there or a student and just want to rent a flat and hang out for six to nine months? Are there companies there that help with this. Thanks Dany–helpful blog

Oleksandr Konstantynov says:

This review is omfg great!

kris patel says:

you look like a lesbian. hahaha

Alex Katz says:

you including the german name of the city …. oh my god… fukkk

अखंड भारत says:

Live like a king in just a few Euros a day?

Daniel Luster says:

I love to visit Ukraine, esp., on vacation! =) =) =)

Andrew Smit says:

I live in Ukraine

Roman says:


The Guitar Progress Channel says:

I thought there was a war going on there…

SANA Yanovich says:

where are you from?

asj ash says:

U say Ukraine is your home country? 7:50

Danil Pindos says:

It is not THE Ukraine, it is just Ukraine without the article.

Denys Samsonov says:

Thank you for good video!!

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