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Ubud, Bali is So CHEAP $32 a night EPIC HOTEL

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$32 a night for this hotel with an Infinity Pool over looking the jungle.
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beastwork says:

lol "do you want massagjeeeee?"

EW3 says:

Dat track bangin' tho.

Levo K says:

This black men looks like a ape maybe The Ape is his daddy

Mr makes million 1234 says:

Better than my bali hotel

Arthuria Rossi II says:

Binge watching! 💚

chs hps says:

The name of 32usd hotel please 😍

Christian Jack says:

Please come to Sulawesi.. an island next to Bali Indonesia …

sadia afroje says:

can i know the infinity pool hotels name plsss

Mary says:

I like your vlogs bro! Keep it up 🙂

Ama Widarmana says:

hello, please also check my parent's accommodation named Song Broek Jungle Resort located near UBUD bali. Cheap with nature view and wooden room 🙂
you can google it
contact me for special discount

vonblunder says:

no real info in this video…

shola ebofin says:

Bro I can purely say it's down to you I've become a travel junky thanks for everything!

cherishdeb says:

I love this channel and i am so inspired

abi reeve-jones says:

Your so lucky I'm well jealous be able to travel everywhere and make videos know anywhere else that is awesome but cheap to get to from bristol

I Made Dwijananda says:

Black rich awesome

Fleur Savez says:

@JubrilAgoro Nice vid.

OmniyaFareed Shafik says:

whats the hotel called?

Raja Cinta says:

bali indonesian is bautiful broo..

Marco says:

dude you are too funny, keep going, really nice vlogs

صفوق العلي Sfouk says:

Wow 😳 on 0:22 enjoy man ⏸

Nyzma Kumala says:

bruh why you bought 70 dollar coffee

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