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Travelling on a budget || tips and tricks for cheap travel

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♡ How to travel cheaply || Mei-Ying Chow ♡

The video where I spill all my top secret tips and trick on how to travel on a budget! I hope this video helps you and maybe gives you some pointers into saving money when travelling. It basically explains how I can afford my GAP year and how I can afford to travel!

Last weeks video – hey there delilah cover https://youtu.be/n3oynGVEd1I

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ruby walters says:

Loved this! it’ll help as I’m looking to go to Amsterdam xx

PukieRainbow says:

This really did help me because I'm going to Hawaii for my graduation you just saved me a lot of money! 😇

Jamie Banks says:

I love the "cheapest month" feature on Skyscanner!

pslva89 trallala says:

I want to visit Italy.

Szilvia Vicente says:

Omgggggggggggg your going Madeira,, I'm from there its beautiful I hope you have an amazing time ,, you will have an amazing trip,, have fun xxx

Adelene Tan says:

OMG I would love to go to Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Japan! And of course visit UK again hehe 🙂 You're such a genius to think of the coconut oil, salt and pepper!!! 😘💜💕😍 Come visit us in SG one day hehe

Alice Ford says:

Currently trying to book a girls holiday for the summer so definitely going to be looking at the apps! And that’s so smart about the oil and salt and pepper! ❤️❤️

Sugar Bunny says:

This is sooo good!!! Thank you so much for uploading this video

Jo Lehmann says:

such a helpful video ! 🙂 I really want to visit the UK again <3 but this year I am going to fly to Dublin for the first time and I'm soo excited !!

J T says:

I woke up at 4am this morning, saw your ig upload and was glad i woke up so early 😂 (I’d really like to go to Japan/South Korea)

Fannie Xia says:

i would love to visit anywhere europe or tokyo!

Dakki Sivasankaran says:

love it <3 and so helpful to ^_^ x

Mridula Thresia says:

I really want to visit the UK first( more like live there) and then I just want to travel the world! This was such a helpful video!!! I'm glad that you did a video like this because I don't trust many websites with my money so knowing which ones are safe are a huge help!! I really wish I could buy your T-shirts but I'm a little tight on glad money but it is such an amazing thing you are doing though!

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