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Traveling to New York City! Where to stay

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Traveling to New York City! A travel guide of NYC. Thanks to Chromebook for sponsoring this video! Find out more about the Chromebook here: https://goo.gl/JPiig5

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018


Erik Conover says:

Welcome to the first episode of the Traveling to New York series where I go around NYC and explore the city as a tourist. The next episode is all about FOOD. Comment your favorite spots to eat in the city below!

Jillianne Smith says:

Manhattan is where you go to settle down? 😀

Erin Fischer says:

Still going back to Iceland?

Evelyn Walker says:

I was searching for Norway as a destination video then I found your video and I really loved it.Then I started watching most of your travel videos and daily vlogs over and over again.I don't know why I feel a strong attachment with you.After watching these vlogs I found that you are a true person, you're loving and caring and take relationships seriously.You made me fall in love with you soo deeply that I cry every time seeing you emotional and your smile makes my day.Now I know only one thing that if you were mine,I would never let you go.You are a kind of person everybody wants to be with.It's definitely one sided love but I really do.Always wish the best for you..With lots of love♥♥

Logan Fellows says:

Anyone know the name of the Ray Bans he’s wearing?

A A says:

I don't even know why I like these videos but im slowly getting addicted to them…

apntv says:

Great video. I travelled there last summer.

Cefims Soas says:

very expensive city even a rundown ghetto like brooklyn

Harmony Lu says:

I feel so lucky to live here 💖
But Mike, really, there IS construction in BK too haha 😜

Cher Xu says:

No way you actually slept on the couch that night ahha

I'mBraydenWigginz says:

Would you rather live in like that One57 building you toured or a classic studio apartment? Good video btw!

Jac Custer says:

The Peninsula is where you want to stay

Abiyah Yisrael says:

great video!!!!!! love new york!!

StockSoul says:

So where do we stay if we don't have a friend Mike in Brooklyn? 😛

Gabriel Traveler says:

I could totally smell that. Smellovision is in effect.

Kayc Lum says:

NYC lifestyle is one of my favourite one , maybe one day you can travel to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and probably I can tour you around Erik!

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