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Traveling the Most Expensive Country in the World on a Budget

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This will be our last video about our trip to Norway. Since we share all of our financials in our monthly newsletter, we wanted to break down the costs of gear and travel in this video.

If you’re thinking about going to Norway, our number one tip is to avoid restaurants. Everything else is actually pretty reasonable. (Note: A lot of that has to do with the current exchange rate being more favorable than in the past.)

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lanaa al-kamil says:

i am so proud that iam from switzerland

Юлиян Тонтчев says:

im from norway and 1 dollar is about 8 Norwegian kr we had to pay 50 000kr to get the permission to build a New room in Our house like WTF?

Where to travel 1 says:

Learn how to buy cheaper airline ticket: https://tinyurl.com/y78gdupk

Qwerty_9 says:

Trust me norway is expensiver than swizz

Travis LeVrier says:

How many nights long was this trip?

Max Martian says:

The most Helpful video I"ve seen yet! Thanks! One question. When you did eat out, I have 2 questions. Did they ask for a tip/gratuity? Also, what about tax? I heard they add an extra 25% tax on TOP (Separate) of the already high prices for food in restaurants. Is that true? So, you end up with high prices for food, a 10% tip, and then 25% on top of that for tax!?

WLFFR says:

if you are going to eat out in Norway you have to go to Egon, Peppes pizza or harveys

Jog Mansen says:

Norwegians always try to barter down the prices in Greece. Because 15 euros for a 30 minutes cab ride is too much

Dr Uio says:

I live in Norway

Gizmo0987 says:

Norge er egentlig ikke så dyrt å bo i, hvis du er norsk statsborger og har bodd her hele livet

X1mple says:

Well work in norway and it wont be that expensiv

The Gamers And Hack says:

i lives in norway

abcabcboy says:

Restaurants and everything related to service is expensive because everybody in Norway is paid fairly well, and waiters etc. do not depend on tips.

Fabian Witting says:

We can afford all of This because we are one of the richest countries in the world

Johnny Martin Johansen says:

Being a Norwegian, I can confirm that the prices here are high. But it's exaggerated, as it's getting equally expensive around Europe, and in some countries (like Austria), it generally costs more for dinners, and especially coffee, at cafes. Alcohol is VERY expensive in Norway, though – a beer at a pub or cafe starts at around 10 dollars. But minimum wages for an adult, is around 20 dollars per hour, before taxes, so we can afford the costs here.

mysticaltyger2009 says:

The restaurant meals are expensive because of their super high minimum wages. Don't believe the minimum wage advocates who say higher minimum wages won't result in higher prices. Of course they will.

Fredrik says:

Come to sweden next time!

Håvard Skjegstad says:

Did you visit Aalesund?

tuva600 says:

It's actually really quite a simple reason for food being so much more expensive when bought at a restaurant. The MOST expensive thing in all of Norway is labor. It mostly has to do with social-economics, oil and high education. Very simplified – the price is so high as a incentive to keep the chefs, hairdressers or other unskilled from leaving for a equally unskilled job that's much better payed like working in the northern sea on a oil rig.

The same thing happened 150 years ago during the gold rush in America. In mining towns it was a lot more expensive to get a shave from a barber. The high prices reflect high wages. Norway is not any more expensive for Norwegians than America is to Americans.

That is at least my way too short and not ideal explanation.

Bjørnar Magnussen says:

Norway was recently named the cheapest place to go on vacation! Quite interesting considering it famous for being so expensive.

jblomvik says:

If you get the chans. read this book: The Social Guidebook to Norway. and pleas tell me if its true.

Miguel Rodriguez says:

i lived like a king in Mexico, for 3 months with 3,000 dollars. hehe

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