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Traveling AMERICA ~on the cheap~

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(walmart/rest area/truckstop)
free campsites~ https://freecampsites.net
another option ~https://www.couchsurfing.com

more about dispersed {free camping}

public lands pass
(national park/national monument/national forest/blm (for seniors62 and older its a $10 one time fee!!!)

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David Stanley says:

I found the 'Great Escape' with a Farmstay at Morning Song Farm in Southern California. A beautiful working farm with your choice of bungalows. They have friendly goats and chickens along with tons of local activities and then a private hot tun waiting for you to relax in when you're done. See http://www.morningsongfarm.com for photos and reservation calendar.

kigucloudjester says:

What's the place at 5:02?

theredbaron20 says:

I stayed at many rest areas and from what i seen most of them have police that stay around the area and are pretty safe most the time.

Hannah Oh says:

wow, kudos to you!!!!

Empress1336 says:

This is so cool

Raul Ayala says:

Ehem. Albuquerque guy here. Really depends on the area dude. I've lived here half my life and have not once seen nor heard of a shoot out at a Walmart. I see RV's parked at Walmarts all the time.

Eli Lev Music says:

Awesome video Mike and so glad to meet you out there in the Badlands !!

Cristina Diaz says:

Great tips, thank you!

Andrew Smith says:

Keep making more homie. Ppl will be interested.

Marco .o says:

Awesome video. Super helpful and informative. I wanna hear some stories

Rebecca says:

Awesome tips! Keep on traveling!

antwan Spit says:

Next up greenland!!!!

Bryn Martin says:

Awesome man!! Can't wait to see more of your upcoming videos!

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