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Travel With Kids : WHY WE DID IT

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WATCH THE FINALE OF TRAVELING HOME HERE! hhttp://hmlv.co/travelinghome8

We can’t believe we are home. We’re so grateful to each of you for following along our family’s journey. We will continue to adventure and continue to make and share these special videos. Sometimes they will be in far away countries, and sometimes they will be right here at our new home!


We want to take a minute to thank ANDY, CANDIS, and ALL OF THE CREW who worked tirelessly to create the perfect home for us. We can see all the time and love that went into making the home with each little detail. We also want to thank OUR FANS for following along and helping to make decisions along the way. And lastly, we want to thank VIVINT SMART HOME and WAYFAIR for being amazing sponsors!

We genuinely LOVE our Vivint Smart Home and had no idea how much it could do! If you haven’t yet, you should call 855-993-5998 (our dedicated line) to get your FREE Quote + FREE $100 Gift Card with your new system! http://vivint.com/bucketlist

We can’t thank Wayfair enough for providing all the furnishings to create the perfect space for our family. You can shop the living and dining room episodes HERE: http://hmlv.co/wayfair8


We have heard how sad people are that Traveling Home is coming to an end. BUT WE HAVE BIG NEWS FOR YOU…..THERE’S MORE TO COME…..SO make sure to SUBSCRIBE to Home Love Network so you don’t miss the big announcement!

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The Edwards Family UK says:

We totally need to step up our YouTube game. Love the videos guys. West Coast drive and some whale watching for us early 19. Fun ahead, is always the plan.

Melissa Sunny says:

I can't stop crying. It's such a beautiful video, it's so sweet and real. 😍 Even if I'm not part of your family I feel more inspired to be a better version of myself. Thanks for sharing this with the whole world ❤

G R A C I E L A says:

This is so sweet!♡

dangchinhthe says:

love all, thank you so much.

Em Clothier says:

This is beautiful xoxo

Lukie says:

Inspiring, I truely wish I was brave enough like you and your family are to take the plunge and do it. Such amazing guys. Video nearly made me cry as it was like watching what I’d love to give to my children but feel like I can’t. So much love guys. X

Selin Benian says:

This really makes me cry 😢

Giovanna Dutra says:

I just can't stop crying! that's SO beautiful!

Elliot Miller says:


__siddop __ says:

oh man 😭 i am crying

Brachall Bra-Chi says:

Dear Jessica and dear Garret, started crying while watching this video. Such pure Emotions.

Greetings from Austria (No not Australia, Austria, Capital Vienna you know ;D)

Grace Oakley says:

So inspirational and it made me so emotional maybe one day that will me💞

Mr Water says:

The mostt important thing is not what you have done ,it's how you think!

g'lyn maranan says:

Ilove this short video. It makes me cry. I feel all the love. I love all your travel vlogs. I wish a have a parent like you 🙂

Nathalie Jean Estanero says:

this made me cry :'( watched all your vids. esp the brave little girl dorothy. hope to see more of your adorable diving <3 love from the philippines <3

Jazzie Ginger says:

THAT was beautiful! God bless you and your whole family!

Elke Janse van Rensburg says:

This is…. This is true love. This is the best parents can give… And gave for their children. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kirstine Brunsgaard says:

Have been binge watching your vlogs over the last few weeks – just wanna say you are such a lovely family and an inspiration. Your kids are wonderful. Your family have inspired me to be more brave, grateful and kind.
Lots of love from Denmark

Rob Scharfeld says:

That was beautiful!!!!

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