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Travel Tuesday Deals 2018: Fact or Fiction?

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Travel Tuesday: Fact or Fiction?
[ Blog Post ] http://bit.ly/2E0xvP1
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The Rewards Doc says:

Nice Hibiki addition to the whisky wall! Kanpai!

Christian Torres says:

Hi Sebby,
Hey can u do a vid on historic high sign up offers, like when to expect them, do they return, how to spot them, how not to miss out on them? Thanks

k tama says:

Thanks for looking out for us who live in the DC area. Great content as usual!

Ed B says:

Have you every book a flight and go to pick a seat and their isn't many choices. then you board and the plane is half empty whats up with that?

Romario Gomez says:

I’m looking for flights from Los Angeles to Amsterdam for October of 2019. I like using kayak and compare those prices to the actual airline website to see if I’m getting a good price. I know I’m searching way in advanced but if I find some cheap flights why not buy now, right?

Natalia's Ideas says:

The NYC to Barcelona tickets been likes this for the last month or so . I was waiting to see a significant change , but didn’t happened . Thanks for your videos !

Brandon B says:

FYI. American codes didn’t work for a flight from SYR to IAH January 2019.

Ki Jo Jung says:

The AA promo code does not work!

Buzz Media says:

What do you think of the various Southwest Airline credit cards? Have you ever done any videos on this?

Michael McLaughlin says:

What if I've watched for a while…and already subscribed?  Then what do I do?  Heh.  Pretty soon we'll have a month of "deal days".

Jacob Van says:

Any deals departing from Minot North Dakota?

Angel Flores says:

From Miami please please please

Scott Musgrave says:

I booked today Delta and American the codes did not work. Prices were outrageous!

Julius C says:

Another great video! Thank you 🙏🏼

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