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I have been to Thailand 6 times in total, and this place feels like home!
The reason I keep coming back here is because it’s the cheapest international getaway and full of surprises always!

I have been here so many times, and so have so much experience about the place and hence want to tell why you MUST travel here, especially if it’s your first trip, if you think travelling abroad is expensive, if you need a quick getaway with friends, planning your bachelorette, if you want to give solo travel a shot, if you want to start travelling for blogging and are low on budget! Phew! so many reasons! Watch the whole video for a good gist of all the things you could do here 😀


Have you always been in the misconception that solo travel and travel in general in expensive??? BREAKING NEWS: It’s Not!
Here are some tips for an amazing solo trip or a trip with a loved one. WATCH the whole video for some cool tips and tricks to rock a solo travel trip without any tensionnn!
But here are some quick ones too!

1) Do your research about the place before you set out to book your tickets. P.S. You must check out the super affordable tickets @goairlinesindia has as they’ve recently started operating to Bangkok with daily direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi! I had the most comfortable in-flight experience and the crew were very warm.
2) Book a hostel instead of a hotel
3) Try out local street food instead of fine dining restaurants
4) Visit Local markets to shop and BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN
5) Take the local commute instead of taxis, and opt for cheaper modes of transport.

Watch the video for visa details and more! ♥️

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Beautiful video! Hope you had fun!

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I see thailand…i click…and scream

MrScientific007 says:

Please try to visit Gods own country Kerala in southern part of India.This is a must place to visit in a lifetime as per National geographic channel.

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