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Travel to the Philippines and Meet the Homeless Filipino Family Who Sleep in a Cart. The Homeless

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Let’s say thank you to all the donors folks.
To all the donors: You made another Filipino family, happy…

Reaching 1 Filipino family at a time my friends…..

But I will be honest with you guys, we need your continues support. We need your continues support to continue this humble project of ours.
We need people like you so we can reach poor Filipino families one at a time.

I’ve been helping and reaching my fellow Filipinos for more than a decade. This time guys, I need your help. I need your helping hands to give joy to Filipino families one at a time.

Donate through crowdfunding.

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Thanks again guys!

Sincerely Yours,


Seyiekrono Medom says:

This channel always makes me happy & is one of the few reasons that restores my faith in humanity! I salute Sir Mark & Ma'am Rhea for their genuine concern for their fellowmen. I wish the corrupt political leaders had ideals like Sir Mark, imagine the big difference it would've made. Godspeed!

Jestine Clarke says:

I they should of wish for a place to rest there head and pit there stuff having it out on the street like that bring thief's and we're are they going to put it all. 5hey could of always leave there house each morning to sell. Not a smart choice on there part.

Apol09 Macaraeg says:

Bago lng ako s channel nyo pero sobrang nakaka antig NG puso!! Keep it up!! Gud luck!!@god bless

Jaze 12345 says:

If you haven't heard of Andrew Yang, go check him out. In my opinion, he is a better candidate than Bernie Sanders. Yang 2020!

Karen Baxter says:

What a beautiful baby boy. God bless you both for doing what you can to feed and protect him.

Please SUB to be HAPPY says:

The single girl with the stripes who keeps saying she's single ..
Am single to .
She seems nice and sweet 😊

Please SUB to be HAPPY says:

Mark at the beginning of the video talking about a simple life
that's what life is all about man.
Love and family in the shared laughs and heartaches.

I love your channel man I've never been to the Philippines
but I would love to go.

Rudy Youngblode says:

Where is goverment

Rudy Youngblode says:

Its a really oh my god

Phantom Captain says:

You guys are truly incredible for all that you do. It's heartbreaking to see people have to live in harsh conditions. No one deserves to live like this.

Keith White says:

Mark & Rhea! Thank U to U and ur group for all the good U do for the poor and less fortunate in the Philippines. Blessings to all of you!

nathan50001 says:

Why u don't

TY VLOGS says:

As a Filipino living in California I support California leaving the USA

jasmine engracia says:

Happy and glad to see you again.
I always admire you for helpinh
Our kababayans.
More blessings to you all!0

imelda Clarke says:

I salute you Mark for looking this less fortunate people, more power & continue being a good samaritan

داري بهلميني says:

The baby was showing them bye too….so cute

داري بهلميني says:

The baby is cute

Annabelle Abdon says:

Welcome back paul🥰🥰🥰🥰ponggay continue to be witty n bubbly🥰🥰🥰🥰rían is so pretty 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Discover Life Media says:

Nice Editing!

Zieyan Sani says:

So sad.. If only the team don't come on that day. For sure there will sleep with hunger again..😢😢 Thank you Sir Mark and Mam Rehea! I really respect you. From Malaysia.

jack75146 says:

Hey Sir Mark. Enjoy being in the Philippines; you and your lovely wife, children and the two puppies. All the best to you.

Thalia Charles says:

Yea thank you for sharing.GOD BLESS THEM AND EVERYONE

Quy Dao says:

So basically you addre making this video to blame on trump when he is actually doing a wonderful job protecting America. I mean I love how u are helping your own people but the fact that America is so corrupt ISS thank to all the Democrat party peplosi and chuck Schumer and Barack Obama. If you actually were doing more research on how they spent the us tax money then you realize it dam. Barrack Obama spent 100 of billions to give it Iraq. Peplosi spent 100+ thousands us tax money to pay all her family and her Democrat party to go on vacation.

Don Cantoni says:

Si Rian prng c Cassandra Ponti 😍

Don Cantoni says:

Ang dami kong natu3xnan sau Comrade Mark 👍 matalino na, mayaman na, gwapo na at may magandang pamilya pa.

Lady's Bella says:

muka ruby mcm pepek 😆,ponggay muka dia bulat tp comel jerr..😊

Shaheeba R says:


ritch Manlee says:

Gusto ko to Si ano pang pasaya

Silent Army says:

When he said about rich ppl dying even if they're in an air conditioned room, I couldn't agree more. He really knows it

MeSoKrazy Lol says:

I love this channel but don't like watching Ruby she so fake and hurt pongay.💯💯💯what your doing is great but what these people need is educationl in birth control.

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