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Travel to – Thailand | A FAMILY TRIP

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Traveling is great.
Discovering new things, exploring unknown places, meeting new people, I love it. But being able to do all these things with my family is even better. Thank you so much to my parents, my sisters, their boyfriends and my girlfriend for these amazing moments. Love U

The first week we traveled at sea on a catamaran. We toured all the islands around Phuket, Phang Nga Bay, Krabi, Phi Phi and many others and then the following week we went to the lands to discover Khao Sok National Park. We stayed several nights there before going to Bangkok for two days.

It was a great trip and we experienced a lot of different things!

Thanks to Voile Evasion for this boat.

Thanks to our skipper Alain.

Congratulations to ODESZA and Lights & Motion for these amazing musics.

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M Rodrigues says:

You make me want travel the world

Keana Kate says:

Beautiful video! I just discovered this, can I ask how you got that version of the Intro from Odesza? It sounds a big different from the original and I’ve been trying to find that version for a while

Hayley Dalton says:

My favourite video of yours!! WOW

The Flashpackers says:

Your editing, color grading and cinematography skills are awesome. Wish I had half your talent.

lauren merritt says:

Your videos are amazing!!!! I am going to Thailand this summer and seeing this makes me sooo excited! I also want to make a travel video… I just don’t know how you do it! Mine won’t nearly be as good as yours but it will still be super cool

Richard Delea says:

Your channel deserves much more attention, this is insane. Excellent story telling, stunning visuals, top notch sound design, film-making at its finest.

Atherton Travels says:

lovely video…


What camera equipment was used

bilal ahmed says:

Dope..great vlog

Peter King says:

This is truly an amazing video. The editing and video just flows so well with a song I love. Keep it up!

Nelly says:

What a beautiful place!

Dimas Shadow says:

Very nice.. see back support my channel..

jawad rizki says:

Go on bro that's so amazing thank you for sharing with us all this amazing videos

hdp says:

Hands down, one of the best video on YouTube!!! Awesome job!!!

Abi York says:




Brennan Pebbles says:

Amazing Work! I love this!

Creative Waves says:

This is a Great Film. You captured so much emotion through the visuals, sounds, and transitions. After watching this film, I felt inspired. Solid work. #ODESZA

Capitan pinya says:

This video is wonderful, it makes you dream from home and it transports me to your trip.

Alex Knutsson says:

So inspiring, keep the movie-magic going!

Yuri Nieto says:

I love it! Can I know where the effects of sounds are from? Thanks

Asset Sabit says:

Final cut pro?

Lifestyle Barbershop says:

By far one of the greatest videos I have ever seen

Simon Braeck says:

Just discovered your channel, some crazy cool videos you’ve got here mate! Keep making bangers like this, really liking your style🙌🏼

Barik Army says:

This is absolutely incredible – subscribed! What camera are you using?

Milk Dittita says:

I'm Thai. I love your video. Thailand is beautiful more in this. Thank you for coming to Thailand. You are the best.

P. S. I'm sorry for my bad English.

Ismaeil El Khalladi says:

Dafonts please !!

jpalquisola says:

when you shoot, do you always use 60fps?

david stillwell says:

awesome vid, just don't get fooled, Thailand is a Nasty place, stay away from Thailand, nasty

Wessel Babtist says:

How have I only just discovered you??! Your videos are so good! 👌

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