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TRAVEL TIPS: Where to travel on a budget

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You ask, and we answer! All of your travel questions answered by travel experts, Kristen and Siya.

In this video:

1) Is it safe to travel to South East Asia as a solo female traveller?
2) When did you fall in love with travel? What was your first trip that made you think, “I want to see the world!”
3) What do you like least about getting to a new destination?
4) What are the top 3 destinations for college students on a budget?

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Pankaj Malik says:

India is also less expensive and the best destination. There is something for every kind of traveler.

Ruthie Songbird says:

Such great advice!!! Thank you!

TheHowTube says:

Amazing video! I also traveled last year: 9 countries in 9 months. I tried to summarize some major tips how to travel on a budget and how much you need to spend, while traveling Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

CNVideos says:

3 destinations for budget travel: Southeast Asia, Central America, and the Balkans.

Tyler Vaum says:

She is amazing

ryanchandler777 says:

I am so mesmerized by this world and so badly want to travel and explore! You have defiantly influenced and have made me even more excited about traveling this wonderful world!!! 

Martin Brochu says:

Hi Kristen & Siya,

Amazing video!

Question : What would be an interesting place to visit with young childrens (8 & 3 years old boys)?
We're looking for a place that isn't a "resort", cheap (considering I have to buy 4 plane tickets), safe and I would love it to be an experience for them.

Thanks in advance!

OutdoorwithOtto says:

Which travel bloggers and youtubers do you follow?

Joffery says:

Super helpful! I always thought of travel as something you needed to plan very precisely, and line up all your ducks in a row. After this though, I think I will see what I can accomplish by accommodation, by looking when I get there.

Shig Kiyomi says:

love it!

ADragonAmongRoses says:

What places you would recommend for a reserved traveler? (reserved as in someone that enjoys strolls and looking at architecture vs. someone who goes sky-diving and to moon parties, lol)

ADragonAmongRoses says:

How do you usually maneuver around language barriers in different countries? 

Kristin Claxton says:

Whatttt?! Some of those prices you guys paid were so cheap and affordable.  Good to know these things.  Thanks for the great video and advice :)

Boop says:

Oh wow my question was first! Thanks :)

Petra V. says:

Czech (fuckiiiinggg) republic 😉 super cheap for foreigners. Prague is amazing, trust me.

And then Balkans in general I'd say, from my experience. Bulgaria for example. In Sofia we got hostel for €10 a night and it is such a nice city.

Lila Ciesielski says:

Would you say it's better to take a year (or more) off to travel right after highschool or after university? 

Rochelle Leblanc says:

how do i find the villa you stayed in in santorini!? was it vrbo!? it sounds amazinnnng!

Rowie Knox says:

Hi Kristen? I want to get a ferret, but it's in my plans to travel the world, do you have any tips or advise when in comes to pets? Have you travel with your ferrets? Or what do you do when you leave home? Love your channel 

Isabel Jacobson says:

If my friends and I pay our own way can we join you on your next trip haha. seriously you make the best travel partner/ agent 

Cassie McMillan says:

Very informative! I loved Siya's talk about Paraguay. So true. 
I've always been the type to plan out trips, it makes me feel more comfortable going in the unknown. I think I'll consider to show up and ask locals/travelers now. The internet is great but doesn't always show the best deals. 
P.S I never knew it could be that cheap to stay in Santorini… Must start saving for a trip soon!  

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