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Travel Tips: TSA Packing Tips

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Sonia Gil talks suitcase sizes, luggage scales, plastic containers and more! Don’t get stuck at the security checkpoint because your bag is overflowing with unnecessary items! See more: http://bit.ly/SoniasTravelsYT
Let Sonia tell you about the gear and gadgets you can use to prep for your trip with the ease and efficiency of George Clooney in Up in the Air.

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By popular demand: Here are some links to several “packing cubes”

ebags: http://goo.gl/AFPBh

Eagles creek: http://goo.gl/xR1U6 — These are a bit more expensive but they are sturdy, my new favorites



Survivor Biker says:

Go crazy on the luggage and stop sexually Assaulting the public. No one likes to be fingered and racked. Sick. 😖🤢🗽🚫🖕

Robert vp says:

Carry on suitcase should have wheels, handle AND back pack straps 3 in 1 options

Joie Mojica-Gahum says:

Nice bottles, got mine at roadeavour!

Angel Duque says:

Sonia, really enjoying your videos since I love to travel, I wish I could do it more… bu the way… sort of a special question… I suppose you have latinamerican background cause I heard you speaking briefly in spanish in one of your vids, if you have from which country is it ??? just curious, apologize if it is too personal of a question… keep on with the cool videos…

Aixa Figueroa says:

give me an idea of a good suitcase brand pls.

Faizah Uddin says:

When one luggage is over weight than the other…I don't understand y they hafta open there luggage when it's gonna weight the same on the plane

Rami7605 says:

was your dog real??

Enrique Javier says:

can i bring food on my carry on bag ?

Simple Jack says:

"26 Inches, this is my preferred size"

ahmed berwari says:

Great ..thanks

John Doe says:

Will u send me a pair of ur used panties? well used, please…

Analeah Williams says:

i have a very important question! 🙂 ill be travelling to north carolina (alone for the first time) to attend a FORMAL EVENT. ill be there for a week… how should i pack for the event, with my heels and formal gown?? help Sonia! 🙂

Kay Hopkins says:

How often do you check a bag when flying???

Mrs. Diana Bortolini says:

Your doggie is the cutest! Little Chewie!

Sara Consigli says:

can you give a video on JUST EAGLE CREEK PACKING CUBES

Maryam McGrath says:

OMG that dog is sooooooo cutie.

Emma Rousseau says:

Wow you should practice your french! I barely understood and i'm french.

TheLionBrony96 says:

TSA: Ain't nobody got time for that!

My tips:
* Light Carry-On
* Wear sweatpants, Shoes that can easily be slipped on & off, if you're cold, bring a hooded sweatshirt w/ zipper.
* get light-weight computers & tablets (Macbook Air, iPads Mini, 2, & Air, & Surface Pro, etc), make sure they have a good charge.
* Go light on jewelery, Minimum: Watch (either solar or self-wind), small necklace, and/or wedding ring if married.

Riley Hopper says:

My suitcase is bigger and it's only 4.6 pounds

Anel Avdic says:

Thx sooo much I needed to go to bosnia and this was a life saver

Rainbow loom lover says:

OMG lol so cute ultra small

Aileen Marotta says:

You really don't have to be so rude

Zhonguoria says:

If you're traveling outside USA, and you are an Imperial Idiot, you're in luck!

Just remember these ROUGH benchmarks:
10 centimeters = 4 inches (so scale up: 30 centimeters = 12 inches or one foot)
But for distance, forget about the foot, think yards instead.
because…. One meter = one yard.
One Kilo-METER = 1/2 mile + 10%
One Kilo-GRAM = 2 pounds + 10%
(Don't get the two mixed up)

jean22scodeexo says:

What's your neck pillow? Do you have a link to it so I can buy it?

Janine Rea says:

Can u do a toiletry tip bag

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