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Y&S FOOD! says:

Amazing video clip! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we love to come across this amazing content. We make Travel & Food videos too, around the world, and therefore we are often seeking out inspirations and also vision. Thank You.

Lizzie M says:

Do you have any recommendations for cheap hotels/air bnbs in London? Me and my friends are planning on going for a few days in the summer. I’m also going to Rome after alevels with my friends xx

SmurfettesBeauty says:

So helpful, thank you!!!!💗💗💗💗

lauren-kayleigh taylor says:

the comment section is so bitchy😂😩 i’m a student,rent my own house with my partner £450 a month each including bills,so £900 all together, my student loan isnt a top figure either,if you work your arse off part time it is possible! ive managed to save £2000 including spending money, this year for 2 holidays,disneyland paris and amsterdam! you just have to be so strict with yourself and don’t buy unnecessary things! loved this video,thankyou! 💗

Heulwen says:

If you’re on a budget then don’t use the train line to book your tickets…..they charge a booking fee. If you book direct on one of the train operators websites, the tickets cost the same but no booking fee!

Serina T says:

Perfect timing

Daisy Mae says:

I’m 16 so I can’t go travelling or on girls holidays yet (but even in the UK bc not all my friends are 16 n a lot of hotels only allow over 16 or over 18) but i honestly can’t wait until I can,, like some nights if I don’t wanna watch YouTube then i literally go online n try find rlly cheap holidays just for fun ahhh idk where this comments going I just love looking for holidays n can’t wait until I can travel xx

Georgie Tennessee says:

When she name drops your local airport 😋😂, so thankful for this video!! This summer I’m going to Italy with my boyfriend for the first time, and then japan with my family! ✈️✈️ x

Soph says:

Another place that's good for flights if you're a student is sta travel. Booked my flight from London to Orlando through them and it was super affordable. I'll be working in universal studios all summer so desperately needed to save money wherever I could haha!

Finlay Gibson says:

Ryanair… sHiTe!! Money theiving airline. Plus most other passengers on them are annoying.

Serena Fellingham says:

TIP: if you’re booking flights /hotel then turn your browser on incognito mode, because the more you go on a website the higher the prices shown will be ❤️

Rebecca ThompsonVlogs says:

I really love watching your travelling videos and you really do know how to book a holiday on a budget. Is there any chance you could help me book my family a surprise holiday for next year please on a budget x

starryxblue says:

Prague and Budapest and cheaper than most places, Ibiza really isn’t lol. Great tips though.

Katie Severs says:

Me and my brother did a similar kinda thing with our holiday to Italy. We went for a week to Pisa, Florence, Rome and Naples. We got to each place via train down the west side of Italy (which is why we went to each city in that order). We got it for about £400-£450. It would've been cheaper but Florence was so expensive to stay.

Cat Hogan says:

I love this video!!! I’ve just been travelling for 4 months around Australia, New Zealand and Bali!! Wish I knew some of these tips before I went! I vlogged the whole thing and editing them back now, best experience ever, missing the sunshine so much!! If anyone’s thinking of travelling just go and do it, it doesn’t have to cost the world!! But will definitely be the best thing you ever do!!

kd says:

Budapest is EXTREMELY inexpensive

Alex Young says:

As a University student studying International Tourism I would also add that Tour operators have the legal right to increase prices if holidays are frequent searched in the same household/ WiFi/ device etc. However also dont always book at the first low price you see because prices for holidays (package or not) fluctuate on the DAILY so defo if you can wait it out sometimes, before booking (the same with travel money) they are always changing even by a little bit. Good thing to do is look on google at the past fluctuation of currency to see if it looks like it’s going to go up or down. hope this helps atleast one person 😅 X

Simply Holly says:

you'll be in Italy and ill be in an exam hall, mortifiying

Chloe Staples says:

I'm going to Croatia with my boyfriend in literally a month.

Charley-Lou says:

Hope you guys have a lovely time in Italy, do you watch melanie murphy or her sister jessie B? They went to Venice and had a weird experience with some blokes there (possible sex trafficking) just something to be mindful of/look out for. Obviously you're smart and have your wits about you alot and I'm not trying to scare you ATALL, not my intent it's only a minority of people out there involved in these kind of things. I just wanted to make you aware of her video that's all I'll try and reply to this comment with a link to her video if I can find it. Sorry to be sinister or negative sure you guys will have an amazing time it's just good to be aware of these things too!! xx ❤❤✌

Cristynna Johannes says:

you say price for holiday when you actually mean accommodation and flights, so two very different things the price you quote for the trip can end up been double when you take into account food and excursions ! Most students rely on <£20 ryanair flights, hostel stays, self catering and free walking tours. Maybe title should be how rich students travel

Melissa Kimber says:

I always find google flights really easy to find cheap flights as it collects all the flights available, you can select as many airports as you want to travel from to find the cheapest, and if you're not bothered when you fly you can get an overview of the prices to fly on a calendar to select the cheapest one 🙂 Also I always use airbnb abroad too and never had any problems as usually it's way cheaper than looking at hotels, if you're not too fused how far away you are from the city centre and there are great transport links (such as Rome or Berlin where I've used airbnb before) you can get places for really cheap which is good to look at when you're on a budget!

holly t says:

What are some hotels you would recommend in London that you’ve stayed in and would stay in again that are affordable? and also if you’ve been to edinburgh which hotels would you recommend there? I’m trying to find a city to go to around Christmas time for a few days. Thank u!

Alice Holmstedt Pell says:

Finland isn't Scandinavian fyi, it's Nordic!

Chloe Warfield says:

Wish I was ur friend lol I wanna travel so bad

Ayse Guloglu says:

I went to Prague in November for £90 pp! Hotel and flights x

Gillian A says:

Pretty sure Budapest and Prague are actually amongst the cheapest cities in Europe. Especially compared to Barcelona and Madrid! 😅😅😅

Katy Allison says:

I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Scandinavia, especially Norway! 🇳🇴

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