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Travel Tips: How to get Cheap Airline Tickets

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Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

It’s July 4th, Happy Independence Day!
Sonia Gil shares her travel tips on how to get cheap airline tickets.

Where to score deals on airfare:

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samuel rivera says:

How long do you really have to wait for CheapTickets 6 7 months. Because it's hard when you have a regular job and you going on vacation maybe for one or two weeks throughout the year

samuel rivera says:

How about ASAP tickets

Rahul Bahua says:

I saw you first when i was trying to learn French and the first video popped up was yours. You helped me learn a language and now you are helping me in my travels. Damn, what would i have done without you!!

Pauls POV says:

did you ever get that kayak alert for miami to hononlulu for $80? I'd like to take my wife to Hawaii for 1 week! Can you help me find the cheapest ticket?

Olivia Boodram says:

What editing program did you use for your video. Very neat, clean and easy.


Nice sharing. Great video.
We all want to make our traveling affordable and are always in a search to get the cheap flight tickets and msp yatra can fullfill hour requirement of get cheap flight tickets for domestic and international flights.

mhisir says:

you are fucking annoying the way you talk. i had to stop the video

Monkei Vais says:

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Ice Rde says:

Wow really you just mentioned the website that everybody knows

Михаил Иванов says:


Professional Virtual Assistant says:


jennechant says:

they don't have that feature anymore where you can set your desired fare in the alerts 🙁

Χ Ξ Σ says:

Is Momondo a legit site? Or scam?

Clarissa Hamilton says:

More Secrets to Cheap Airline Tickets

Jonathan Garcia says:

Great video! However, when I try to set up an alert on Kayak it does not give me the option for a Max Price?

Orlando Guillen says:

Hi, Sonia
What do you think about the apps for smartphone ,, called Hooper…. ?

giggs112008 says:

God you're beautiful….and such a alluring voice….thanks for the tips!!

Tavga Hawramy says:

Helpful video

MR W says:

premiumtravels.club is the only thing that gets me the best prices its even proven me to be better than the others!

IcePrincess619 says:

my sister got a 168 from San to sea. 1 adult, baby on lap, Alaska Airlines. on kayak

Jose Angel Gonzalez says:

My wife wants the cheapest tix to Mexico in Dec. We always get stressed out over how to or when is better.

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