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How expensive is the Philippines? In this video I break down the costs of travelling from accommodation prices to food and even transportation. Hope this helps you out on your next backpacking adventure around this beautiful country!

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Mark Ledesma says:

i live in bacolod not as big as cebu but much cheaper than manila, tiger air is cheaper than cebu pacific, for breakfast go to jollibee, pancakes and a drink 60 pesos, a decent lunch at chongs 60 pesos for rice and an entree, check kamay kainan at sm for dinner, 99 pesos for rice, an entree and a side dish, vegetable or pancit, accommodations check ong bun or 11th pension, jeepney usually 7 pesos

Coolmons Blog says:

I have been to Davao three times, still learned a few things from your video

aphrodyboi says:

specially with transportation, you have to ask the locals first if how much the normal charges is so you know how much price you stick to when making deals later on. some when they see foreign they raise up the amount a bit but not all. mostly locals will gladly teach you on what you should do and how much you should pay. make frie

Noel Pastor says:

Im glad you went to the Philippines!! my home country..i love Philippines!

fatj tads says:

when you get there in PH, ask first the locals before going to next destination

Lorence Valencia says:

well when they see you're a foreigner some do try to overcharge. i suggest to travel with a trusty filipino friend so as to make sure the price is right. and yes asking the hotel for the fare is also a good idea. i really enjoyed your videos especially the ones from coron. I'm planning to visit there for a 4 days 3 nights trip. now i know ehat to expect and at least the budget would be like. bug thanks. hope to bump into you guys on one of your trips. you're my new favorite travel vlog which i do enjoy watching as it makes me laugh too. more power to you

Leonardo Guevarra Jr. says:

Hi , I was wondering how long the bus was from el nido to puerto princessa ? Thank you in advance.

madmaxrerisen says:

Very expensive

nerdgen314 says:

Good advice about the trikes. Even us locals get ripped off if you're not a regular. This is mostly because trike fares has not been standardised unlike the jeepneys and taxis. Best to do is ask the locals in the area or the hotel. Everyone would be more than willing to help.

King Fancy says:

love your accent

se5d says:

i am quite sure i saw that bitch on porn chanel

jhun allan says:

1£=67or70 Philippines peso

nickinspring says:

Girl, you really talk fast…… LOL, reminds me of someone on speed…… Good info, thanks. And, I enjoyed the laugh. Thailand Rob talks about you all the time and I am going to the Philippines in November.

Ed Escaño says:

400 pesos is like £5-£6 not £12… but 400 pesos is a bit much for a ride ?

Hikazaya Nikushi says:

Philippines isn't that Espensive for travelling

isa bel says:

$1 = 47 Philippine pesos.
But how to do the math…? :/

I'll be staying at my family's for 2 weeks.

Ricky Cano says:

You get tanned, you look better, just my opinion

David McKendrick says:

400 pesos is less than £6.50

Truth Hunter says:

Do you put out?

Ali Ali says:

you said hello Ali :)

Luc Hernou says:

and cambodians are much poorer then filippinos,100 tot 120 $ a month is the salary,working 6 days a week, 10 to 12 hrs a day

Luc Hernou says:

Did you already visit cambodia?It is more expencive then the philippines.http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_countries_result.jsp?country1=Cambodia&country2=Philippines

For most stuff cambodia is more expencive.groceries are like 50 to 100% more expencive then thailand,as everything is import.even local fruits are 500% more expencive in canmodia compared to thailand,i live in cambodia ,siem reap,and had to visit thailand in june for my new pasport(my embassy is in bangkok not phnom penn).so we went to the markets in BKK an bought a kilo of rambouytan and a kilo of mangosteen,both where 35bath a kilo wich is 1$.back in siem reap i was curious about the prices here as those fruits grow here to,well 5,35$ a kilo.thank you very much.a kilo of chicken legs or breast in makro or tesco lotus thailand is around 2dollar or 70 bath.here its 4.5$ in siem reap.

keep up the good work ,i enjoy your vlogs.

fred grove says:

Where are getting your exchange rates from? I'm a Brit and have lived in the Phils for 6 years. A 100 peso is about one pound 20 pence.

Katleen Nellas says:

You went to cebu and i didnt even know that.

Mei Vargas says:

500 pesos for a hearty meal?? xD I eat a really good meal for 50-120 pesos. The McDonalds, Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Bon Chon food places are really good. Some cheddar cheese fries for snacks is also nice. If you're really trying to get the cheapest food around, street food is an option, though, make sure the cooking area is clean before you buy. For transportation, I used to live there so all I know is that for short trips, ride a trike, for long trips, get a cab or ride the bus. For getting shorter prices, you'll less likely be able to do that, and can only be done in places like EDSA central. Just be persuasive about asking for a lower price and you may or may not get a discount. For places to stay, don't always trust someone that'll let you stay in their house. I don't know much about temporary stay because I never lived in the rental houses area. also, I don't recommend going on the train without a plan. Hope this helps ^^

Jorge Jack Go says:


jimcunningham61 says:

I still say beer is very cheap in the Philippines 40p compared to 60 to 80 baht in Thailand

Godwin Enerio says:

I love your vlog. It is very authentic no non-sense… your channel will really help the travellers prepare and make the most out of their trips. also for tour operators and country destinations on what their aspects need to improve on.

Keep it up. We are listening!

Lots of love! Grrr :).

Katt Laith says:

This is very realistic 🙂 This is a good budget idea for people who are wanting to visit Philippines.

Even Keel says:

expensive … hardly.. maybe if your living it up western style.. be smart about your choices and be golden

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