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Travel Tips & Hacks we use on EVERY trip!

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Our Top Travel Tips you need to know before your next trip! We were just as surprised as you were when we realized that we had never made a High On Life travel tips and hacks video before, so we put our heads together an came up with a list our favourite and lesser-known travel tricks to make sure your next adventure away from home is as pleasant and awesome as possible!

These travel tips cover everything from how to find cheap flights to how to stay safe while traveling, and there’s even a tip in there that explains how to make friends while traveling with a special portable device 😉

Let us know what you thought about our travel tips and hacks! Have you ever used any of these tips before? Do you have any tricks that you want to share with us? Leave us a comment and let’s make everyone’s next adventure as seamless as possible!

If you are interested in checking out any of the gear that we mentioned in the video, check out the links below!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Portable Battery Charger

Josh’s Label Maker

Multi-Port Travel Charger


Edit by Joshua Laplap
Written by Justis Cooper, Parker Heuser, Joshua Laplap


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High On Life says:

We know there are so many travel tips and hacks out there, we hope you liked these, let us know in the comments below what ones we missed.

Yessika Marmol says:

Sorry but this channel makes me sad as it reminds me of the deceased original members.. 🙁

Angela Vdb says:

Also within the 'prep your phone' range – take photos of your passport beforehand and also send them to your email address. In case your passport does get lost, it'll be way easier to get a new one

AL MAHA o0o says:

كيف حالك يا اخي. اريد ان اسال ماهو افضل مكان للسفر مع اطفال من غير ان يكون خطير انا متابعه لجميع انستقرامك. احب فديواتك. احب مغامراتك. جدااااا. هل تعرف مكان غير خطير للاطفال وفي نفس الوقت الوالدين يقومون بمغامره انا احب المغامرات. القفر من الطائره. الغوص. ولاكن اخاف على اطفالي. وشكرا. احبك. احبك احبك 😭😭😭

Rostislav Dvoretsky says:

Great guys! I will wait for another one 😉

Hendo Froth says:

4:30 when that burrito comes back up…

Justin Brenn says:

Nice video. I already used all of these minus the labeling and the comunal wallet. I usually travel alone, but once and awhile with friends and the communal wallet idea I think is perfect, because one of us had to write down in the notes app the $$ and it’s just a pain.
Here in the USA, just having T-Mobile will knock two of these off your list without any extra $$. No need for a SIM card or international calls as you can WiFi call anywhere in the world for free. Love them. Nice video

chillbrutha82 says:

Parker looks sleepy af in this video.

DoglinsShadow says:

Experienced world traveler of 2 years here. These are good tips. A more in depth video like advanced tips would be awesome because this is mainly basic, but still I got a few nuggets.

Payton Rextraw says:

Love Josh’s label maker!!!

Ivan Yelfimov says:

The communal wallet best idea. I always seem to pay for taxis! for our next trip defiantly will implement that.
Please comment travel destinations ideas, thanks

travellinggermans says:

Great Video. Most of the Tips we knew already to be honest but the tip with the Airport Shuttle is great if you are not traveling on low budget

Amanda Lynn says:

So excited for these types on videos! And more story times!

Charlie Yates says:

Not sure where abouts you guys are from in Canada but i'm going to be moving to Banff for the 2-19-20 ski season. Any tips about living in Canada. Hoping to spend a bit more time either before or after i go to Banff.

Akash Pal says:

Keep 'em coming!!!!😁

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