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Travel Tips for Photographers: Gear, Trip Planning, Packing Tips, & More! on Picture This! ep. 32

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CPSLondon says:

Use your phone, tablet or laptop to backup your cards to a cloud location whenever you are in a big city. There are lots of free Wi-Fi points to do this (in major cities I use an Apple store) the Wi-Fi is super fast. Find a coffee shop etc have a drink while you back up. If you do this frequently you only need to backup photos since your last backup.

Roderick who says:

"Full Chelsea" ? I can dig it 😉

Fudmottin says:

RE: Safety. How do you get a firearm past security and customs?

martinS S says:

I love ziplock bags. Everything from cords to wet stuff can go into it. I also use post it notes because I get a little disoriented when I am traveling. I like posting things to bring and do around the hotel room. Sharpies? I like writing big. Gaffer's tape. can't leave home with out it.

Bm Bm says:

You are a beautifull couple, what i take with me when travalling is eyes, friendship and remenbrance.
So my Sony A7… comes second place

Greetings Berberlands

Karl Man says:

Try to post only a couple of your travel photos each day. If you post 100s of photos in one go at the end of your holiday, no one will look at them all.

Seshu Td says:

Sir, please help me out with this… which will you prefer Canon rebel t6 or Nikon D3400? I am a beginner so please help me…..

Seshu Td says:

Sir, please help me out with this… which will you prefer Canon rebel t6 or Nikon D3400? I am a beginner so please help me…..

FabioPanucci says:

Waze also remembers where you parked.

Tina Reutin says:

Chelsea, could you please mention the specs of your ipad? Is it the biggest one? How much memory? And where do you store the edited pics? Have you done a show/podcast/tutorial on how to lightroom on your ipad? Thx.

Shameer ॐ says:

me and my d850 will travel EVERYWHERE

bavmavalmighty says:

Traveling with different gear, i.e., canon vs nikon…..a mixed marriage…?

GeekBoss says:

In regards to the memory card filling up, I I use the ravpower wifi file hub , I can transfer my photos from SD to a 1TB memory stick on the spot , no pc required and it doubles as a power bank among many other functions

bavmavalmighty says:

Make the commercials stooooooooooooopppppp……

bavmavalmighty says:

Hot damn, another missed pod cast…..OK, I'm watching now…..

S. C. says:

Excellent advice – thank you! AND so entertaining 🙂 Chelsea, which iPad did you go for in the end? I am eyeing the 12.9 but fear it will feel heavy after a short period of editing (when you have to hold it with one hand).

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