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Travel Tips for Hotel (Hacks)

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Here are travel tips for hotels. Some of these hotel travel tips are hacks. These will help you be prepared before you pack for your vacation. When you commute to work in an airplane or if you are a leisure traveler, my hotel tips and hacks will help you. The first hotel tip is to point your shoe in the direction of the stairwell in case of a smoky hallway in the middle of the night. #traveltips #hoteltips #travelhack

What I Mentioned:
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Karen Mathis says:

Never would have thought of half of those. I love the hotel hacks. 😁

Kathy Aubrey says:

Thanks Arlene

Michele Elliott says:

Thanks again Laurie for some great, helpful info! I especially liked the painters tape idea – I've been using black duck tape which can leave goo behind. Also like the pants hanger tip – usually bring office clamps with me for this but nice to know something already in the room could work. Always looking for ways to pack less!

Anat Katz says:

Why not leave your bags in the luggage room in your hotel?

Kamloops Cruise says:

Love that clothesline!!!! That blue tape tip is great! I’m using it next trip. Heads up- the link for the razor is same as the Wash stuff.

RuthAnne MacKinnon says:

FYI I've had that exact same travel razor for years and its flawless. Excellent tip

Kathy Carlssen says:

I wouldn't just assume that the hotel will not hold your bags for you after checkout and hire a Bag Nanny. I have never ever needed to make my own arrangements. The hotels have always been happy to take care of that for me. And I've stayed in all sorts of establishments, from Marriott resorts to Youth Hostels. Ask first! You may be pleasantly surprised.. 😁

Chrissy 8675309 says:

Great tips!

Jan Kalonick says:

Laurie, good morning. I have a question that most people already know the answer to, but I am not understanding what exactly 3-1-1 mean. Once you explain what it is, I will go, "Oh yes, I knew that!" Thank you so very much. I love your tips, they have been a great blessing to us. We lived in Europe for six and a half years. But , we have not traveled back for 27 years. So, everything is new and exciting for us.

Amy Wickesser says:

Love your videos! But could you give me some tips to help my daughter who will be flying for the first time (she is 18 An will be alone, she’s going to Chicago to Navy Bootcamp) She will only have a backpack. She will be leaving in July. Any kind of newbie advice is welcome…much love from houston

Esmerelda Pinchon says:

Lots of great tips here. I learned things! Thanks.

Helen Davies says:

Thanks again, Laurie. Some key cards only switch off the lights in a room – check at each hotel. Also thanks for tip about phones at reception. Some guests would answer phone in the middle of checking in and expect to have their key handed them – so rude.

Jump On My Shoulders says:

great tips wish I would have seen this before our travels around the world (which we are doing right now) but we adapt over time and i will implement some of your things. thank you!

Michaela Kremer says:

Hi! Where have you stay in Paris? Which hotel please? Is it ok for weelchairs top?
We like to visit Paris, but I cant find a B&B Hotel for us. Please help me! Love your videos! Regards, Michaela from Munich/ Germany πŸ€—

Wendy A. says:

LOVE these tips! Thanks!

Sandra Ambler says:

I really enjoy your channel. Great hacks! I have travelled a great deal myself. Before I retired the job I had for 7 years required me to stay in hotel rooms for 2 weeks a month. I tried to make my stay as β€œnormal” as I could by doing things as if I were at home. I travelled by car to my destinations. I found a good dry cleaner, shoe repair place and hair stylist in the city I was in for the week and I used their services.
I like the pant hanger idea for the curtains. I used to use bull dog ( large paper clips) to close the curtains.

Jennifer Hayes says:

I would advise against using the 3m hooks at a hotel or Airbnb. In my experience, they can and will take the paint off a wall, even if removed carefully and properly.

Donna Deuvall says:

I purchased the razor you showed from Amazon. I love it.

Kathy Aubrey says:

Great timing I'm on a road trip staying in Morro Bay,handwashed some clothes but used bar of soap,gotta get some of those Tide packets,live and learn. Ha

Adina Lesperance says:

You can also bring a travel size bottle of Dr. Bronner's Castile soap, because you can use it to wash clothes in the sink, or as a body wash, or as a shampoo.

Baller Bros says:

Strip bag review please!

Janira Ramos says:

Hi Laurie! There is another bag babysitting app called bag bnb πŸ™‚

khloi k says:

I have been looking at that bag behind you on amazon and thought you would be doing a review on it in your video, sadly no. Could you please review it in another video in the future. Thank you for all of your tips and videos, they have really helped me in planning my first overseas trip in 15 years this October πŸ˜€

emily mees says:

I used the shoe pointing hack. We did get evacuated from a hotel at 2 am due to a fire alarm. It works. One thing I suggest though is if it is cold to hang your jacket on the door knob or door hook. When you are evacuating you may not think to go into the closet to get them. We regretted that. We were ouside shivering while waiting for the fire truck. Thank you smoker for a lovely brisk night for the entire hotel (yes someone smoked in the non-smoking room)

My husband does this for his army pack, you can pack tide pods in little zip lock bags. They are all under 3 oz.

Another thing he does is pack his own pillow case. For people who have trouble sleeping in hotels may sleep better having a familiar smell. Having that takes up no more room than a shirt in a suitcase.

Also ask hotel staff where to stay away from. Especially in a country you have never been in.

Diane Clayton says:

Hi, Laurie! I really enjoy your tips. Here's mine-
My mom and I were at a hotel in Vegas with a number of hours between check-out and flight. Mom wasn't feeling well, so I wanted her to just be able to take it easy somewhere. I found we could buy a pass to the day spa for a very nominal fee ($15?). It was quiet, restful and most importantly, had bathroom facilities! We read and sipped tea and ginger ale until it was time to leave. Worked out beautifully for us.

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