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Travel Packing Organisation – Travel Hacks & Tips You Should Try

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Travel Packing Organisation – Travel Hacks & Tips You Should Try. Today I share my top travel hacks and trips to get your travel packing organized! What are your tips for travel? I am currently in bali and will be vlogging everyday for vlogmas! Thumbs up for Travel Packing Organisation – Travel Hacks & Tips You Should Try.

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Hi my name is Rachel & I make style & organisation videos about beauty, fashion, home decor & food. I like to share tips on how you can get more for your money and look fabulous for less. Please subscribe & leave a comment.


ColoursoftheWorld says:

Great timing as I am heading to the states for the holidays :)

Ashley Victoria says:

I've seen people also do duct tape on their bag – well, when they have the hard suitcase

Laura François says:

Omg that kitten!!! <3

julliet liufau says:

Where did you get your swimsuit from ?
Its gorgeous !

sally said says:

the first thing that caught my attention was how cute that kitten is??

Alyssa Fleming says:

Where did you buy the Grey jumper from!? its so cute!

Donna Joshi says:

Great ideas! :)

Travel Hub 365, Inc. says:

Thanks for the video!

Jemima_5205 says:

Your goals ??

Jinae Baker says:

this came at a perfect time, I'm heading up to the sunshine coast on monday!

Michaella Ketron-Lynch says:

You uploaded this at the perfect time. Going on a trip today!!

Michaella Ketron-Lynch says:

Shoutout to Ted Baker! My fav designer. Also I loved this video!!!

Mariana Filipe says:

I'm so jealous, I live in Portugal and it's winter.I realy wanted to be in the pool right now!!!!

nindya1988 says:

I once bought a luggage tag from NZ but it totally broke when I arrived in Indonesia. I hope you didn't experience it. And I hope I can come across you when I will be in Bali too next weekend. Love your videos!!

Heather Torres says:

Very helpful. Tfs xo

Amber-Jean Cramb (MyLifeAsMama) says:

You should really put your details on your luggage tag in case your suitcase doesn't make it on or off the plane. That way the airline can contact you ?

bindu Vasudev says:

have fun rachellea

la luné says:


symphonyh says:

Great timing since I'm going away for a month soon!

Anda Spso says:

Have an amazing time in Bali

Sillygirls says:


Kirstenn xo says:

Your kitten is just sooooo cute!!!! <3

Molce Cc says:

love this !!!!

Carly Smith says:

Watching this in Cuban airport… Too bad I didn't see this before my trip!

Kate Mae says:

Perfect timing!⏰❣️

Rachelleea says:

Guyssss first day vlog is now up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K2MnzDsIXo

Lucy Crea says:

Looking forward to ur Bali vlogs. Thanks for the great packing tips too btw. Have a fun, safe and relaxing time away gorgeous girl. Xx? ☀️️??

Eringeorgialeee says:

I am not a proffesional at youtube but I just realised that the audio is quite echoy. But anyway it is a good video and very useful. ?

Yusseth Valderrama says:

is prery

Kacey Styles says:

I am so excited to see your Bali vlogs!! Have the best time 🙂 xx

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