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Oahu is a beautiful island, but it’s not the easiest place to travel on a budget. During our 3 weeks on Oahu, we learned a ton of ways to stretch our money. We put together this complete guide for cheap travel in Hawaii to give you some help when you’re planning and budgeting your trip to this amazing place!



Hostels – 1:05
Airbnb – 1:50
Camping – 2:41
Staying for “Free” – 6:20

Renting a car – 8:05
Turo – 8:42
Bus – 10:45
Hitchiking – 12:22
Other Travel Tips: 12:59

CATEGORY 3: FOOD – 14:01

Snorkelling -17:49
Hiking – 19:47
Visiting North Shore – 20:53
Scenic Drives – 21:36
Pearl Harbor – 22:05
Free Fireworks Show – 22:24



Turo Car Rental: https://turo.com/
Oahu camping map: https://bit.ly/2UwujPS
How to do a Workaway: https://www.workaway.info/information-for-travellers.html
Bus schedule app: https://bit.ly/2VRFtPu
Pearl Harbor Free Tour: https://bit.ly/2UxOc9r


OUR HAWAII VLOGS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvAh5KbgLd0-YKaRjdCDnKsiBbxU4P5-X
OUR INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lostandboundless


Kyle Shchur says:

in LA gas is no cheaper than $3.50 sometimes even $4

Mar Barragán Vega says:

Thanks for the video! what about bike riding as transport around Oahu?

indiejunkie 22 says:

Awesome video, was it hard to find availability in the hostels? And what was the name of the one you stayed?

Angelo DC says:

Thanks guys

Kathy Juarez says:

my partner and I found an Airbnb for $60/night and it’s a condo in a perfect location!

plumeria8357 says:

Hikes I also loved: Manoa Falls Trail, pillbox hike in Lanikai, Makapuu Trail, Koko Crater Trail and Arboretum. Love hiking in Hawaii!!

Lauren Trific says:

I’ve backpacked Oahu and brought my entire pack on the bus several times…

tvlove 15 says:

What was the name of the hike where you can swim near the waterfall? Going in September and would love to include that in my itinerary. Thanks!

Andy Holder says:

Tysm guys!!!! Any overnight hikes?

Zeyu Li says:

High quality video! What camera are you using?

Melissa and Richard Jostworth says:

This video is amazing! I've visited Oahu many times since I was young my husband and I will be back in May and we're so excited! Looking forward to some of these new hikes, too!! Thanks again!!

CrazyDivers says:

Do you need a visa to do work away or the other “free” accommodations options?

Tristin Ebel says:

For those of you watching this getting ready to travel to Oahu, iolani palace, it costs $20 for a full tour and it is INCREDIBLE! Worth every dollar you will walk away feeling so much aloha spirit and appreciating the culture of Hawaii so much more

Shellbell says:

So a few things I learned Is that the island has a whole #vanlife community. I wanted to add that if you rent a car you can also rent a camper van and have all what you need go with you from kitchen to wheels. It's perfect for people who like to get up and go. Or wish those rare sunsets and sun rises. Another tip a place I found to eat at is a Chinese restraunt called Number 1 It's an awesome place and they have the best breakfast bowls for only 3 bucks USD. Also 7/11 is amazing they have these machines that makes fresh smoothies and shakes. Love love love them. That's all I got so far. Great video and thanks so much for all the tips. 🙂

Lynn Ryerson says:

Thanks for the video and Oahu travel tips. Greta info!

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