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Travel NIGHTMARE to Vietnam! – We Made a HUGE Mistake 😫

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Today we’re flying from Hong Kong to Vietnam! And pretty much everything went wrong 😭 We may have completely forgotten about the visa and had the worst travel day of our lives, but it was so worth it. Wait until you see this Airbnb we’re staying at here in Ninh Bình!

The expedited Vietnam Visa service we used was https://www.myvietnamvisa.com/

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The Endless Adventure says:

What a day, right?? If you'd like to stay in amazing places liked this, you can use this link for $40 off your first Airbnb booking! http://bit.ly/tea-airbnb-discount

chris David says:

Worst travel day; I boarded the plane yada yada yada… Turns out she was a dude

Fred Folson says:

A big chapter for the Endless Adventure indeed!

Mark Taylor says:

I can only think of one thing……You make the best of what you have…

Anna Zapata says:

I can NOT believe you guys had an ATM before immigration. That was my hyperventilate moment when we arrived in Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City. They're like USD or VND and I had neither. Thank God my dumb luck was not needing the cash to get through immigration at all! (Our E-Visa covered stamping fees. SCORES!) After this, I make sure to keep USD cash at all times. Hopefully we will see you in Saigon. We'll be here till early June!

Brian Altschul says:

Well, it's all about the (endless) adventure.

Amanda Spriet says:

A couple of questions, do you have A link to the place you are staying? Looks amazing. Also I went to the amazon site with your gear but there are quite a few backpacks on there. What backpacks are you using?

Zee C says:

Love Vietnam! Do a meet up in Sydney!!!!

Kirsten Cox says:

Arrived at the Hong Kong in town baggage check for the airport and found out my flight to Shanghai was never booked. My credit card company cancelled payment. I had received a confirmation email, but somehow it was never processed. It took 2 hours to sort out, had to book on a website with no English translation. We made our flight, tons of stress and nervousness.

Vincent Nguyen says:

judging from your accent, I assume you are American and I am sorry for the ordeal you are in..There are 5 million fellow Vietnamese American here in the good old USA and they can show you the rope to Vietnam. US Passport is ranked one of the most potent of the world, means for American, traveling worldwide does not require visas..except Vietnam and a few like Cuba, North Korea, Brazil….well I am glad you made it..The scenery of Ninh Binh is breathtaking ..and was used in filming the most recent King Kong movie. In big cities like Hanoi, traffic is horrible and simple crossing the street takes a leap of faith…Enjoy Vietnam..

ian Freeman says:

Bet your glad too many days don't start like this?.enjoy the better days and carry on the great videos your both making.been following since 20k and now look at you guys,safe travel ,stay safe❤️

Palm Beaches Paul-Realtor says:

Looks amazing so far and glad you made it worth all the crap you had happen

Cassidy Spurck says:

I have severe anxiety, so I overplan everything when we go abroad. Worst thing was probably in Pompeii, we thought we had 5 minutes left before getting back on our tour bus. I wanted one more gelato, like an idiot. We turned around, and our group was gone. I was able to get another guide from the same company to let us on his bus back, but then our guide came back for us. Had to make the walk of shame onto the bus. Our Midwestern buddies (we kept ending up in the same excursions, so we became friends) gave us crap for the rest of the trip.

yellowbird500 says:

I find that the more technology we have, the less reliable it becomes. How many times has the wifi let me down or my phone frozen? I feel ya. Glad things worked out.

peter says:

Hey Eric and Allison you are not dumb regarding the visitor's visa. Being a Canadian traveling from Manila to Vietnam I was unaware that one was needed (was not informed by my travel agent). I ended up paying (along with many other travelers) about $175 USD for one upon arrival – this took over 3 hrs to process! To make matters worse I landed on a national holiday so everything was closed – needless to say it was not a great way to be introduced to Vietnam

Allen Lusby says:

Ridiculously inept.

stx says:

I got Typhoid once… Make sure you're vaccinated.

Olivia Hakan says:

A few years ago I was traveling to Bulgaria to get a new violin from a local violin maker. On the night I arrived I checked into my hotel and had an amazing time getting to know the violin maker and his family and choosing a violin. The next day when I went to pay for it and check out of my hotel it turned out that my whole bank account had been locked and I didn’t have enough cash to cover more than dinner. I let the bank know exactly when and where was traveling so this was a huge shock. When I found out I called, emailed and visited local banks to with no luck, but thankfully the violin maker Isaac was incredibly kind. He literally just gave me the violin I had chosen, payed for the bow I was also buying and also gave us enough euros to pay for the hotel and meals until we could regain access to our cards. When we got back to America I promptly repaired him for everything but I will never forget his generosity.

Gergely Lázár says:

Hey there. Could you tell me the name of this Air B&B, please?

Beejay Swifter says:

My worst travel experiences (and the reasons I never fly any more) were all down to airline and auxiliary staff — the airporter driver who not only did not know the way to the airport but couldn't get right from left and got us to the airport so late that every single passenger missed their flight. Then I rushed to see if I could use my ticket on a different airline leaving in a short time. Got there, they took my ticket, booked my new connecting flight and…we landed in Chicago and guess what??? They'd booked me on a connecting flight from Dallas/Fort Worth! Ended up in Atlanta where everyone missed their connecting flights, the airline staff were vicious and, in the end, it took me nearly 36 hours to get from San Francisco to Baltimore.

Oh…I get motion sickness so I need to sit by the window and not over the wing so I can keep a good horizon line and not get dizzy. On one European trip I booked ahead, including seat assignment…boarded the plane (an old jumbo jet, current at that time) to see there were only 5 passengers all told, including me and my travel companion. Guess where I was seated??? Over the wing, of course. Sheesh. And there are soooo many more. I just have really bad travel karma, I guess.

I used to have to travel either on business or because I lived on the other side of the country from home, but I'm retired now, and I will not fly. When I didn't have a choice about flying or not, I gritted my teeth and went on. I do have a choice now. Grrr.

Morgan D says:

I studied abroad in China and my whole group flew together. There was like 15 of us so it was a little crazy. Our flight from Canada to Beijing got delayed and so we were late getting to the airport. We had another flight to Xi'an to catch from there. WE SPRINTED across the airport (which is huge). Our professor somehow got us to the front of security saying who knows what? Mind you a few people in the group were getting taken to private rooms for dumb things like portable chargers with too much capacity and everything was a mess. However, we had to go get our bags because we were switching airlines so we ended up still missing our flight after all that. Our professor ended up getting us on another plane for free a few hours later but a large group of college students from the US had to sleep on the Beijing airport floor for a while.

dave walters says:

If you get held up in vietnam at the airport just whip out a 5 dollar bill we spent a total of 7 minutes when we landed in Da Nang

Brat says:

Yuck! Especially that girl’s hair and skin color! Horrible horrible horrible red and tan. Disgusting!

Archie Travers says:

Mot, Hai, Ba, Yo! You have landed in a country where the people are overwhelmingly genuine and honest. Many other countries you wouldn't be knocking back drinks with your host you would be getting ripped off big time. Even when you are taken it is small; our biggest ripoff was a black cab in a downpour in Hanoi and it worked out at bout $12 overcharge; the old 20k versus 200k switcheroo. So enjoy yourselves. By the way where are you? It looks like around Ninh Binh but that's a hike from Hanoi.

Nguyễn Hải Dương says:

Enjoy your time in Vietnam! Pretty sure many crazy things await you.

Roger Hargreaves says:

What a day really sums that one up. No way are you dumb; it’s the system that’s dumb. These things happen, they shouldn’t, but they do unfortunately. RgY 👍💯

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