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TRAVEL LIFE WITH 5 BOYS IN AN RV – Family Travel Megavlog #5

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Sometimes we ask ourselves this question…ARE we crazy for living this travel life with 5 boys in an RV??? Sometimes I think we just may be, but then I am reminded of how much our children are growing and learning and becoming comfortable with being themselves outside the pressures of societal norms. Yes…we still have crazy toddlers driving our existence right now, but that fact would be the same no matter where we lived and if I’m gonna have crazy toddlers driving my life, then I might as well be near every zoo in the nation so I can let my monkeys play as much as possible. Yes, this IS our circus and these ARE our monkeys…we ARE that crazy family…lol!!!

This week we arrived in Columbus, Ohio and visited Discover Christian church where we met some amazing people and had the opportunity to share our songs and our story with a bunch of cute kiddos at the Christian school and with the congregation for the weekend services. We also had an amazing visit to the Columbus Zoo where we let the boys run wild for a bit with the rest of the wildlife.

Finally, we had the privilege of visiting the headquarters of Lifeline Christian Mission, the ministry that supplied all of the food packaging supplies for Discover Christian’s weekend missions outreach opportunity. You can learn more about Lifeline Christian Mission and how you might get involved here:


Music of the day:
Place & Knock on Wood by David Cutter; http://www.davidcuttermusic.co.uk
We Are Invincible – Johan Glossner feat. Maja Soderstrom; Gravitation 1 – Johannes Bornlöf; Epidemic Sound
End Screen Music is “We Can” by Trent & Siobhán

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Unapologetically Gomes says:

Love the drone footage. I can't wait for Tuesday. I want to know this.   It's so true. I didn't overcome the public speaking fear until I was probably 35 years old.   I need to volunteer more at our church. That looked so awesome!  I love how everyone is working together. We did that a couple of times at our church, but we've become unplugged… I  Need to plug back in.  Thanks for sharing.  Love you guys. Definitely subbed.

the crafty preschooler says:

Stay safe, stay sweet Walker family sending you prayers from North American of the border.

Eric Catman says:

I just wanted to send you some links to my FB post…. this is what we did as Our mission (that we have felt God calling us to do), through our community. As we have said to you both already… we want to empower others to get off their couches and DO Jesus… (forgive some of the rant) lol… God Bless!


Eric Catman says:

What was the Christian band? (You kinda mumbled it. Lol)

Garland Style says:

As always, I smile so much seeing you, I get tears. 🙂 Bless you all. oh.. it's Michael. 🙂

Roz Smith says:

I visited Columbus Zoo several years ago, and also had a great exhausting time!😊The zoo was so busy, we waited over an hour to get through the gate. I marveled at the consideration and politeness of the other visitors, who also waited in the sun." Ohio Nice" is a real thing!

Emily Santistevan says:

We have stayed in a couple of the church parking lots where we are ministering at too! Great idea to plug the instant pot into an outlet there!!

Madeline Highland says:

Sweet vlog. Even if it's one day a week now. Glad you have more time with your family now. 💙💖

Bob umuti says:

Nice vlog be well guys.

Christian Adventure Films says:

Loved watching the boys as they were being introduced to the school students – it was fun to see their faces as the kids said hello to them. What a YouTube channel that will be when you are traveling the universe 😉 What a way to get a heart beat of a church by serving alongside them. Jen

Dawn says:

Love the worship circle ❤️

Meandering Bliss says:

It was funny seeing Dinos at the Zoo, lol!

Joel Feiock says:

showing the worship circle, reminds me that you don't need a building to worship in.

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