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Travel Life Hacks, Organization Tips, Outfits, How To Pack, & Carry On Essentials!

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Hey guys!! I owed you a video, so here is this weeks video! Traveling lifehacks, tips, organization, outfits, and essentials!! I hope this video is helpful 🙂 It took me forever to make lol so I hope you find this helpful! Let me know if want more traveling vids.

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1. Fashion Nova Jeans
2. Norstrom PST Shirt – http://rstyle.me/~9Vpmt
3. Tobi.com Cardigan
4. Blondo Shoes – http://rstyle.me/~9Vpmv
5. Target Bauble Bar Neckalce

1. Lulu Lemon Leggings
2. Lush white V-neck
3. Nike Zenji Shoes
4. Brandy Melville Cardigan

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Camera ➳ Canon 70d
Editor ➳ Final Cut Pro x
For business inquires ONLY, email me at: JeanineAmapola@yahoo.com

FTC: This is not a sponsored video


ChloChlo Chenel says:

What song is playing during the "how I pack" section

G Girl says:

Who is binge watching traveling tips and tricks, Airplane hacks and other similar YouTube videos to do with travelling, because they are going on a trip soon, and are extremely excited.. Meeee❤️❤️😂

J R says:

Don't know why I am watching packing videos when, I have been overseas three times now, (fourth time next week) 😂😂

Ava Conklin says:

Logan u are my hero u mean the world to me 🎶🎶🎵🎵🎼🎹 anyone else 😂

Leticia Barraza says:

Too many things for a trip even if it was for 2 months.

Danielle Richardson says:

This video was very helpful😁

Blythe Vrindavana says:

Are you going on a vacation or moving? How much does that bag weigh?

Ellie A says:

Binge watching anyone!?

ruth Koopman says:

I love u Jeanine

Billy Muka says:

LOVE this video!! Definitely subscribed 🙂

Two little Twins says:

She showed us every thing except the choker bag! WHY?

John Tran says:

Yo do you like motorcycle

John Tran says:

This video good Jeanine a aporia

Malak Sweidan says:

well, guys i'm traveling and not coming back again … i'm going to germany.. so i want you to recommend me a video that can help or some extra tips plzz….much love and hope you enjoy your day..

John Clayton says:

I loved this video and I found it so helpful I am going to Ireland next week

Heidi Kohler says:

What song is thisss😻

Maegan Lim says:

Idk if I'm the only one but I always pack/roll my clothes w wat I feel like I want to wear w it. Basically I plan each outfit out for each day (w like 273748 hours of scrolling thru Pinterest be4 dat😬) n I'll roll them up tgt

susan zel says:

I don't know why I'm watching this, I'm not going anywhere except my house

All About Eva Las Vegas 012 says:

I love your nails. What type are they?

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