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Everything you need to know about travelling for cheap in Morocco. All prices are in USD. Any more questions or just want to say hey? Leave me a comment below. Make sure that you watch to the end of the video for an epic time lapse. Thank you for watching vlog #72! Do you want to support my videos? click here:

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Indigo Traveller says:

Hey everyone, make sure you watch to the end of the video for an EPIC timelapse! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or just want to say hey. Next episode is going to be over 20 minutes long, featuring the biggest mountain in North Africa, so make sure you stay tuned to my channel for that one, I put over 30 hours of editing into it and I am very happy with how it came out. Thanks guys, Nick.

gta5 tiger says:

Very good vlog

Traveling with Marco says:

I will visit Morocco in may! I can't wait for it! 😀

simon mhamdi says:

thanks for visiting .my country Morocco.

malka Sam says:

Do you pay everything US dollar or Dirham

soufiane amabraa says:

#WΔY ΔWΔY say expansive

Sam10947 says:

You can't a meat tajine (1 serving) for less than $4, that's already cheap…I know cause Im moroccan

Naz Abs says:

What the sandwich shop you went to in 1.44 and what's the address just want to know to stop there

Nijhum RD says:

Night views was amazing…..great Nick….keep it up…

alone_on_my_own says:

Hey! I discovered your channel because i wonder if I would choose Morocco as my next destination holiday 🙂

Chase _c says:

everything he said was spot on point, i received loads of valuable information that i can use for years to come. i recently picked up this book for 6 bucks and i
was able to travel to France using the information provided. may be worth checking out https://tinyurl.com/y8yacuag

Jack O'Hea says:

What was hands down your favourite place you visited in Morocco?

Aquarian Christianity says:

Great Video! Interesting. Thanks.

Rb Rakib says:

God Video bro

Vicky asks says:

This is such a great vlog. I have a couple of questions. Do you recommend getting a taxi from the airport to a riad and if so what are the prices like? My Riad is 23 mins approx away from the airport. How did you get to your hostel? I look forward to your response. I'm going to Marrakech on the 13th of this month by the way. 🙂

CookTorials Channel says:

Hi! Nice vlog you got there. Full of information about Morroco. Was just wondering is it okay for women to smoke cigarettes in Morroco?

Chris Bard says:

Hey man, we are about to go to Morocco for around 20 days in December starting from Casablanca. Which cities you visited that are a must? Thanks and keep up with these videos, love to see them!

iketut sukawiadnyana says:

I loved watching your travel vlog video cause you explaned so many things in each video, it's amazing, If I could suggest you please make vlog video of the cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung or Denpasar. thanks

Mawar sejati says:

I love you and love morroco 😄😄

Gøh loleuw says:

when you say that the cost living in a coutry is cheap you need to look to their salaries, most of moroccan people gain and live with 200 dollars

Gordon French says:

Just subscribed to your channel and started watching your videos, and they're excellent. You are much like Gabriel Traveller :)Do you know if Morocco has vegetarian options?

E Rich says:

2:01 What is that red bottle?

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