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Travel Hacks SECRET LEGROOM BUTTON | Airport & Airplane Tips 2018

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Of all the travel tips and travel hacks out there, this one has been the most useful. One big problem with air travel is legroom, especially in economy class. Travel advice and flying tips are dime a dozen, but this simple travel hack with save you a lot of discomfort if you end up with a aisle seat. This is one of the best tips I’ve found, and one I think everyone should know.

Under the arm wrest of the aisle seat there is a secret button. Pressing this switch lifts the armrest up, and allows you to have much more leg room, and leg movement, especially when you need to exit the row.

80% of airplanes have this feature, but unfortunately not all of them do. It is there for flight attendants to left the armrest to allow for ease of exit during an emergency, and also for the disabled.

Travelers rejoice, those long haul flights might have gotten a little more comfortable, and air transport a little more enjoyable. It’s basically one of my travel essentials now.

As a travel vlogger, this legroom button has saved my life. Enjoy one the top flight attendant secrets


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“Seats on Airplane.jpg” used from WikiCommons.
Original creator: Douglas P. Perkins


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Fearless & Far says:

Who knew this already? Who was totally taken by surprise?
Do you think they want us to know, or they are trying to keep a secret? Let me know in the comments! ✈️

snowqueenix says:

Wow. All this to do about the armrest button. It has always been there, it’s hardly a secret, & not really all that amazing.

Alana France says:

Thanks for that. Good to know

Cheryl Oldford says:

Thats not legroom though. Its an aisle arm rest button.

Joe M says:

oh ya um i helped a pirson get out of there seat to help them

Vin Andrade says:

Very helpful.. thanks

Nirupa Chadha says:

I have been a cabin crew in my time of 707 & 747& airbus 320 for 15 years. H/e I did found this button on the new a/c. I did use it to my fully advantage. Yes your are right it’s never written/ announced any time / where.

sandresstudios says:

Thanks, I needed that.

Tuan Indonesia says:


Arn Albz says:

ARM rest!!! LEG room!!! Do the math! Moron



Arn Albz says:

Clickbait! Report this shit

Mykul Saijoo says:

Not all seats have that button. Depends on the manufacturer and whomever assembled the seat in the back shop. I used to work for UAL.

April Jackson says:

I love the button ,I found it years ago just messing around as a child.

Ayaan Khan says:

Wow .. you ain’t as green as you are cabbage looking!


Thank you! I will keep an eye on that next time I travel😀

saxon1014 says:

How did you not know this? It’s also like that on busses & trains. Sometimes it’s just harder to find/different to access. Hadn’t you ever gotten to the seat with it up already? I’ve only flown a couple of times & remember them walking by and putting it down on one flight.

Rhona Hall says:

You are not suppose to block the isle. So anyone who sticks their leg out deserves to get it whacked.

Dilbagh Singh says:

You taking the mickey. How did that give you extra legroom

All Around Jay says:

I love your filming style!

Di3go Zavala says:

1:38 🍀 LUCKY

John Boy says:

Please explain how by lifting up an armrest it gives you more legroom.

RV says:

Whatever, or whomever led you to believe you look good in those hats did you a terrible disservice.  You look like a semi-retarded cancer patient.

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